Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1422

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1422 – “What did you say?”

Catherine’s provocative words made Sally fly into a rage. “B*tch, how dare you do that to Rebecca?

You’ll be d**d this time. She won’t let you get away, and we’re going to put you through h**l.”

“Just because she said so?”

“You don’t even know Rebecca’s identity now. Haha. She can take you down as easily as squashing an ant. Having Shaun to protect you won’t help.

Even the prime minister of Australia won’t be able to protect you,” Sally roared with clenched teeth.

“Really? I can’t wait.”

Catherine smirked, but deep down, she was overwhelmed with frustration.

There must be some grounds for Sally’s remarks. She definitely knew what was going on.

Catherine did not call Jeffery out because he was more manipulative than Sally. Even if he knew about the matter, he would be tight-lipped about it.

Unlike him, Sally would give it away when she was provoked.

“Haha. Catherine, you can continue to be smug, but it’s no use. Even G*d won’t be able to save you.

Haha.” Sally suddenly burst into laughter. “I heard you’re going back to Canberra now, right? Just wait. We’ll come and look for you once we’re out.”

Catherine put down the handset. Then, she turned around and left.

Shaun, who was outside the p****n, strode toward her as soon as he saw her. He held her hands. “How is it?”

“It does have something to do with Rebecca.” Catherine went quiet for a moment before she added, “I managed to sound Sally out. It seems that Rebecca is involved with some big gun. That big gun could be equally or more powerful than the prime minister of Australia.”

Shaun’s expression became somber. “Who the h**l is that blind man interested in a woman like Rebecca?”

“I have no idea what’s wrong with the world.” Catherine laughed bitterly. “But just like Sarah, Rebecca is great at pretending. Many men fall into this kind of trap.”

“It’s alright. There’s a solution to every problem.” Shaun wrapped his hand around her waist. “Let’s return to Melbourne. The new product of Hill Corporation will be launched soon.”


Catherine nodded. However, before she left Melbourne, she called Logan and Austin over. “ Please keep an eye on the p****n. I have a feeling that Rebecca might show up after Jeffery and Sally are released. But don’t tail them too closely. Both of you should separate yourselves from each other when shadowing them. If one of you is in danger, at least the other person can save you.”

“You mean…?” Logan was dumbfounded. “Be careful.” Catherine reminded them.

After returning to Canberra, Hill Corporation organized a press conference where Shaun personally gave a speech on stage.

In the public’s eyes, Hill Corporation had already become a shadow of its former self. Even other companies within the industry did not pay them much attention. Hence, only a handful of reporters were present. There were ten or so reporters scattered around the venue.

“President Hill, did you suddenly venture into the electric appliances industry because the Campos family has recently invested 5oo billion dollars in electrical products? Are you planning to compete with the Campos family? But I don’t think Hill Corporation can compare to the Campos family in terms of its current net worth and rank.”

“President Hill, you must be kidding. The Campos family has introduced Garson Corporation’s technology to develop their electrical products.

How can Hill Corporation compare to them?”

Stung by the reporters’ mockery, Shaun gave a faint smile. “The Campos family is still in the middle of developing the product. However, Hill Corporation has developed the product, and it’ll be launched globally three days later. You guys can have a look a t our latest model of transformer and X-ray generator…”