Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1419

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1419 – Shaun furrowed his brows.

He was hazy about what happened in the past, but he still remembered Rebecca.

Seemingly, she was a b****l woman. He was the one who sent her to the mountains, but she fled after that.

“Cathy, don’t worry. I’m here. This time, I’ll definitely k**l this woman for you, ” Shaun said firmly.

“You’re wrong. I have a bad feeling. Since Rebecca is bold enough to make such a provocative remark, it means that something unexpected might have happened to her over the years. I’m afraid it’ll be difficult to deal with her now.”

Catherine knitted her brows. “Yesterday, I heard that Uncle and Aunt are going to be released from p****n. I couldn’t get my head around it previously. However, I’ve got it now. I’m afraid Rebecca might be plotting something.”

Shaun was startled. “Weren’t they sentenced to more than ten years?”

“Yeah. They’ve k****d and stolen their family’s assets, yet they’ll be released in just three years.” Catherine let out a bitter laugh. “Well, the current Rebecca should be no ordinary woman.”

“Cathy, I’ll protect you no matter what happens.” Shaun could not help but hug her. Only at this point did it dawn on him that she was shaking.

He was not sure whether she was shaking because of anger or for some other reason.

“Shaun, you won’t understand. Sometimes, I think people like Rebecca and Sarah are hard to eliminate. I might appear to be at an advantage, but when it comes to dealing with Rebecca, I’m a real l***r, ” Catherine said miserably.

Rebecca had contributed to her grandmother’s d***h, but the m******r was soon to be released.

Rebecca also contributed to Charity’s d***h, but Charity’s d**d body was nowhere to be found, and Rebecca was going to return.

“I really feel useless.”

Catherine said with her eyes red, “My mom didn’t leave anything for me, but even her cenotaph has been ruined. Meanwhile, you still need to deal with Charlie, and I need to deal with Wesley. We also don’t know when Sarah will a****k us again, and now Rebecca is back. Will we be able to handle all of them?”

“Cathy, that ferocious bunch has surrounded us all these years, yet we’ve still managed to come this far. Since we can’t see through their plans, they won’t be able to see through ours too.” Shaun stroked her hair softly. “If there comes a day where you’re exhausted, we’ll leave this place. There’s a bigger world outside Australia. Anywhere is home a s long as I’m with you and the kids.”

Catherine was swayed by his words. It was true,

So what if she had many enemies? If she could not cope with the situation, she should not go head-to- head or d*e with them.

It was because she had to protect herself for the sake of the kids.

“That sounds like a good idea. Having said that, those evil people are the ones who are in the wrong. I don’t want to leave in a sorry state.” Catherine took a deep breath. “If Rebecca wants to come back, it’s not all bad either. Coincidentally, I want to settle the old scores with her, one by one.”

“Let’s settle this first,” Shaun whispered. Catherine nodded.

Now that Sheryl’s tomb had been destroyed, she had no choice but to get the cemetery staff to re – carve a tombstone for now. She also reported the incident to the police to find out who dug the tomb last night.

Unfortunately, this cemetery had always been desolate. The destroyer of the tomb seemed to have come in from the back of the mountains, where there were no surveillance cameras around. As such, the police could not trace anything.

A five—star hotel.

Matthew lazily lay on the rocking chair in front of the French window.

He was holding a wine glass with some maroon liquid in it. As the rocking chair swayed, the wine in his glass also shook.


Matthew had sighed for the nth time.

It was not easy for him to fall for a woman. When he finally did, he found out that the woman had a husband and children before he could progress his relationship with her.

He was quite fond of Carrie, but he did not know where to draw the line. Considering that she already had a family, he should not ruin it.