Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1402

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1402 – Rodney and Freya had already arrived. When they saw Catherine, Freya immediately went over to take her hand. “Cathy! With you around, going back to Melbourne won’t be so boring this time. Stay in our house tonight.”

“Oh, sure. I don’t have a place to stay in Melbourne anyway.” Catherine smiled.

“Look after my woman,” Shaun looked at Rodney and instructed him.

“I got it. But when it comes to your woman, it’s more likely that she’ll look after me,” Rodney said in a low voice, “Honestly, why did you agree to let Catherine come with us?”

“You don’t welcome her?” Shaun was unhappy. “ It’s your honor to have her go with you.”

Rodney was exasperated. “Enough. Catherine is a treasure in your heart, but she isn’t in mine. Don’t you know that she’s the third wheel here? I planned to… make use of this opportunity so that Freya and I could get to know each other better. Maybe we could…”

He paused as his handsome face turned slightly red.

Shaun glanced at him in disdain. “Don’t worry, even if Cathy weren’t going with you, it’ d still be impossible. Stop dreaming.”

Rodney, whose parade was rained upon, did not want to bother with Shaun anymore.

“Cathy, be careful. ” Shaun walked up to Catherine and touched her little face. He warned, “Stay away from other men.”

“Save that line for yourself.”

Catherine tossed the words back to him and walked hand in hand with Freya to the departure gate.

Shaun narrowed his eyes at the sight of her and Freya holding hands, his heart feeling a little uncomfortable. He did not like it when she held hands with others, even if the person was a woman.

On the plane, Freya and Catherine sat together. The two women whispered and chattered, seemingly having endless topics to talk about.

Rodney sat behind them, and the women ignored him. Feeling bored, he simply closed his eyes and slept all the way to Melbourne.

The plane landed at Melbourne Airport.

Forrest had been waiting for a long time, dressed in a full suit. When he saw Rodney, his handsome face was full of indifference. “Young Master Snow, you can be left to your own devices here. You don’t have to come to the Lynch family. Everyone knows that you only married my little sister because you were forced to, so it’s unnecessary to try and please your father and mother-in-law. Both parties will just feel troubled.”

Rodney looked embarrassed. It was his fault. When he had dinner with the Lynch family the previous time, he still had Sarah in his heart so his attitude back then was not very good. “Even if we were forced to get married, it’s a fact that we’re married. The whole country knows about it. If I’ m here in Melbourne but don’t visit the Lynch family, you’ll also be embarrassed when the news spreads.”

“You’ve already caused the Lynch family to be embarrassed multiple times. ” Forrest did not look happy at all.

Rodney touched his nose. “No matter how much you don’t welcome me, I still have to do my duties. My parents prepared a lot of betrothal gifts, so I have to deliver them to the Lynch family.”

Forrest glanced at him coldly before turning around to take Freya by the shoulders. “Let’s go home.

Catherine, stay with us for a few days.”

“I have to go to the cemetery now to pay respects to my grandparents.” Catherine refused with a smile.

“Then I’ll arrange for a car to send you there…”

“There’s no need. The branch office has arranged a car to fetch me. Go back home earlier. I’ll come bother you at night.” Catherine waved.

Forrest nodded. When he was just about to leave with Freya, he seemed to think of something and suddenly stopped. “By the way, Catherine. I heard that… your aunt and uncle will be released from p****n soon.”

“What?” Freya got worked up before Catherine could open her mouth. “They were suspected of stealing Cathy’s inheritance and even m******d Old Madam Jones. They should be spending the rest of their lives in p****n. Why are they being released so soon?”

“I heard that… they’ve been behaving well in p****n and also made some worthy contributions. ” Forrest frowned and said, “They’re set to be released next week.”