Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1400

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1400 – “Am I happy?” Rodney looked confused. “I’m not. ”

Chester snorted. Rodney’s face was full of pride, but he did not notice it himself.

“I just feel like… you know, people have to get married sooner or later. Even if I don’t marry Freya, my mom will keep arranging blind dates for me. At least Freya is carrying my child. She’s beautiful and talented. My family likes her very much as well, so she’s a good marriage partner,” Rodney mulled over it and said.

“Congratulations. But if it were not for this incident with Patrick, Freya wouldn’t have married you.” Chester smirked. “You got the good end of the bargain.”

“Don’t say that. I’m not bad either.”

Rodney had just finished speaking when the door of the room was pushed open. Shaun came in with his hands in his pockets. “What are we talking about? Hurry up and get it over with. I want to go home to my wife and kids.”

“You can’t even do it. What’s the point of going back?” Rodney attacked him mercilessly.

Shaun’s expression darkened. “ Rodney Snow, do you want to d*e?”

Chester smiled. “He got married today, so cut him some slack. Come, Rodney, cheers. I wish you a happy wedding night! ”

Rodney stiffened.

Chester secretly whispered in his ear, “A woman’s pregnancy is stable after three months. It hasn’t been easy for you. You only did it once in the 3o years of your life, and you didn’t do it in a state of consciousness either. Do you… want me to teach you a few tricks?”

“Get out!” Rodney jumped up with a red face.

“We’re all men here. What’s there to be ashamed of?” Chester did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Rodney wanted to cry. “You think too much. Before we got married, Freya signed an agreement with me. I’m not allowed to touch her after marriage. We’re only a couple in name.”

Shaun was happy at his misfortune. “That’s nice.” “Nice my *ss! I’m a normal man—”

“Haven’t you been living like this the entire time anyway? Just don’t touch her.” Chester smiled.

“No. I wasn’t married before, but now that I am, this kind of thing is justified. Why can’t I touch her?” Rodney could not accept this. “Help me think of a way.”

“There’s nothing to think of. She’s pregnant now, so you can’t use force since it’ll hurt the child.” Chester gave him three words, “Hold it in.”

Rodney, “….”

He angrily took a large gulp from his glass.

Shaun also slowly drank two to three glasses. He did not dare to drink too much for fear of getting drunk.

At g:oo p.m., he was going to leave.

“D**n it, Shaun. You’re so boring. ” Rodney was chagrined. “Today is my wedding day, but you’re going back so early.”

“You can learn from me. Get used to accompanying your wife and child.” Shaun smirked and left coolly.

When he returned home, Catherine was still

reading stories to the two children.

He climbed onto the bed and hugged her from behind. “Cathy, I’m drunk.”

Suzie looked at him with disgust. “ Ugh, scummy dad, you’re so shameless. You’re an adult but you’re still acting all pampered.”

“Shame on you!” Lucas also spat out these three words. “What do you two know? It’s natural to act like this to one’s wife.” Shaun hugged Catherine without letting go, making the kids feel goosebumps rising all over their bodies from his lovey-dovey side.