Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1399

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1399 – “Don’t you get it? The Snow family won’t let the Jackson family off, and they won’t let the Shelby family off either. Besides… We’ll talk about it if Patrick gets released. What I’m worried about is that… the Snow family won’t let him off.” Mr. Jackson sighed heavily.

Mrs. Jackson froze.

In the Snow residence.

Freya had just finished her dinner at the large round table when Jessica received a call and said to Nathan, “Uncle, Patrick Jackson has been arrested.”

“Hm.” Nathan frowned deeply and took a sip of tea. “How’s the situation with the Kramer family?”

“Minister Kramer is claiming to be sick and is not meeting any guests. He has taken a few days off,” Jessica said faintly, “I’m guessing he’ll behave himself with his tail tucked between his legs for now.”

“He’ll tuck his tail between his legs for a short while and then resurface to give me a hard time again?” Nathan looked at Ryan. “I originally thought of letting Minister Kramer enjoy his life in retirement, but it seems there’s no need for that. Rid the Kramer family of all their positions within two days. They can be disposed of.”

“Okay.” Ryan nodded with a sharp look on his handsome face that Freya had never seen before.

Freya was stunned. Nathan was always kind in front of her, so much so that she had almost forgotten that no one in politics would be that simple.

“As for Patrick…” Nathan smiled and glanced at Freya. “Since he offended our family’s little princess, let him spend the rest of his life in j**l.”

Freya drew in a cold breath. “For life?”

Ryan looked at her. “ Since he dared to go against the Snow family, he should be prepared for the worst. Besides, if we don’t teach him a f***l lesson, how will other people know to treat the Snow family with respect?”

“The Snow family always had a good reputation, but it was almost ruined by Patrick Jackson. ” Old Master Snow nodded to agree with Ryan’s words.

Freya’s red lips moved, but in the end, she did not know what to say.

She hated Patrick, but not so much that she wanted him to rot in p****n for the rest of his life.

However, he had offended the future prime minister, whose authority would not tolerate being offended.

“By the way, Rodney,” Wendy suddenly said,“ Since you’re married now, you should accompany Freya back to Melbourne and meet your parents-in- law. Go tomorrow.”

“Okay. ” Rodney nodded obediently and looked at Freya. “Um… Shaun and Chester heard that I got married and asked me to treat them at the club this evening.”


Freya hummed in acknowledgment. If he wanted to go, then he should just go. Why was he telling her this?

Rodney felt a little uncomfortable with her indifferent attitude. “I’m just telling you in case you think that I’m going to see Sarah.”

“If you dare to see Sarah again, I’ll break your legs,” Jason warned him.

Rodney’s legs trembled as he smiled. “I have nothing to do with her anymore.”

After dinner, Rodney drove to the clubhouse.

Chester arrived first and was sitting on the sofa alone. He was playing with the lighter in his hand thoughtfully.

“What are you thinking of? You’re lost in thought.” Rodney sat next to him. “Where’s Shaun?”

“He should be on the way. When I called an hour ago, he said he would come after playing basketball with his kids. He should be on the road now,” Chester answered casually.

Rodney was speechless. “What’s the big deal about having a woman and kids? But… hehe. I have a woman and a kid too now. Chester, only you and Chase are still unmarried. Well, good luck.”

“I don’t envy those who are married, ” Chester said faintly.

“That’s true. You’d rather hang yourself on a tree, ” Rodney teased.

“You seem quite happy about your marriage. When we asked you to marry Freya before, you acted as if you would rather d*e.” Chester glanced at him and gave him a vague smile.