Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1391

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1391 – Nathan narrowed his eyes. “He really isn’t simple. I haven’t seen a scoundrel like him for a long time.”

Freya gritted her teeth. “Why don’t I make a statement and make things clear about how the situation came about?”

“It’s no use. No one will believe empty words. These people are inciting conflict between civilians and dignitaries. I’ve always had a large number of civilian supporters. If the trust they have for me decreases, it’ll affect the vote in next month’s election.”

Nathan stood up and patted Freya’s shoulder gently. “ I can find someone from the supervision department to prove that you’ve never targeted Jackson Corporation, but it’s a fact that Rodney beat him up. The only way is for you to announce that you’re four months pregnant. Patrick hit a pregnant woman, and Rodney, who is the father, retaliated in anger.”

Freya was shocked, and Ryan said hurriedly, “Dad, that’s the same as telling the public that Freya got

pregnant before marrying. It’ll affect her reputation, and when she wants to marry in the future…”

“That’s why Rodney has to take responsibility. The two of you have to register and get a marriage license.”

Jason took a deep drag off his cigarette. “You need to understand that there were many onlookers in the neighborhood yesterday. The people who live in Brighton Gardens are rich and wealthy, so they won’t be easy to control. I’m just worried that our large number of opponents will try their best to get the onlookers to speak up. Many people must be scolding you for last night. From the video, the Snow family knows that you were just protecting you and your child, but others don’t think so.”

“Freya, I’m sorry.” Nathan looked at her helplessly. “This campaign has taken us decades’ worth of effort. There can’t be any mistakes.”

Freya was stunned.

She had to tell the public about her four-month pregnancy?

Once the public learned about it, Rodney’s action of beating up Patrick could be justified.

What about her?

Was she really going to marry a person she did not love?

However, everything only started because of her. She was the one who told Rodney to deal with Jackson Corporation. In the end, it happened because of her personal grudges.

“Let… me think about it.”

She said with much difficulty, “This isn’t just about me either. Rodney— ”

“I’m willing to marry you,” Rodney blurted out without thinking.

Freya gave a wry smile. He was really willing to sacrifice himself for the Snow family.

“Think about it. We won’ t force you, ” Old Master Snow suddenly said, “If we lose, then we lose. We can only blame fate for our failure. What’s important is that the Snow family has a clear conscience.”

The people from the Snow family fell silent for a long time.

Freya did not know how she got back to her room.

Her mind was blank until Catherine called. “Freya, are you okay?”

“Cathy, I think… the only thing I can do now is marry Rodney.” Freya told her about the Snow family’s decision and said hoarsely, “Patrick is so ruthless.”

“ I’m guessing that it was Linda who encouraged him behind the scenes.” Catherine was deeply annoyed. “I should’ve been the one to do it. I forgot that the Snow family is going through extraordinary times now. Although their status is prominent, they still have to be careful.”

“It was my fault, ” Freya murmured, “I can’t drag the Snow family down because of me.”

“It looks like you’ve already made a decision,” Catherine noted.

“Linda and Patrick really pissed me off this time. They want to bring me down, but I won’t let them succeed. It’s just marriage, anyway. When the crisis is resolved, I’ll make sure they’re left with nothing.” Freya’s eyes spewed out flames of hatred.

Catherine opened her mouth but did not know what to say.

There seemed to be no other good choice. “Maybe… Rodney actually isn’t that bad. He used to like Sarah, but he’s probably returned to his senses now. He’s handsome and can cook too. Maybe you two can be happy together. ”