Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1382

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1382 – Rodney was exasperated.

This bunch of horrible friends.

Was he that unbearable? They made it seem as if he was utterly unworthy of Freya.

As Rodney was busy typing on his phone, he was not aware of what was happening in front of me. He bumped straight into Wendy.

“This kid! Are you here to accompany me shopping or play on the phone?” Wendy complained angrily.

“Sorry, Mom.” Rodney quickly turned off his phone. He followed Wendy’s gaze and immediately started flattering her. “Mom, this dress looks very nice. The color is vibrant and suits your beautiful looks a lot.”

“Enough, I’ll be laughed at by others if I still wear such a dress at my age. I think this dress suits Freya quite a lot,” Wendy said.

Rodney was stunned. Only upon closer look did he notice it was a bright yellow dress. Even with Freya’s pregnant belly, it would not be obvious with this dress. Moreover, Freya’s skin was fair and she was beautiful. It would surely suit her.

“Let’s buy it, then,” Rodney said without being able to help himself.

“Mm.” Wendy nodded. She was about to take her card and swipe it, but Rodney fought to use his card.

“Mom, you don’t have to spend your money when you’re out with me. I’ll help you give this dress to Freya later. It just so happens that I have to thank her in person.”

Wendy smiled in satisfaction and said, “Okay, it’s rare to see you being so sensible now. I’m very happy seeing you two cousins getting along nicely.”

The corners of Rodney’s mouth twitched. To h**l with cousins!

Would there be someone who was pregnant with her cousin’s child? Ew, he did not want to be cousins.

However, if they were not cousins, what would they be?

Friends? Husband and wife?


Rodney was shocked by his own thoughts.

He drove to Brighton Gardens to look for Freya after sending Wendy back when they were done shopping.

5:00 p.m.

Freya went downstairs and was about to go to the supermarket in the neighborhood to buy some snacks.

When she reached her building’s entrance, a slender figure quickly walked over to her. “Freya… ”

Seeing Linda’s face, Freya’s mood was ruined and she no longer wanted snacks.

Linda was doll-faced. She looked very innocent, but Freya knew that she was a scheming b*tch.

“Freya, I beg you. Please spare Jackson Corporation.” Linda suddenly knelt in front of Freya.

There were many people passing by the neighborhood’s entrance. In an instant, a lot of people stopped to look at what was happening. Not only that, some people even started looking at Freya as though she was an evil woman.

Freya felt that she was extremely unlucky.

She was too lazy to care about Linda and walked past her.

Who knew that Linda would chase after her while still on her knees and grab her skirt.

Freya was walking and did not notice it, so Linda was yanked and ended up sprawled on the ground.

She gritted her teeth and shouted aggrievedly while tolerating the pain, “Freya, as long as you’re willing to spare Jackson Corporation, I’m willing to leave Patrick. Jackson Corporation is Patrick’s blood, sweat, and tears. I beg you to spare Jackson Corporation. I know I can’t compare to your current identity, but I’ve never thought of fighting with you over Patrick. He thought you found another man back then and you didn’t want him anymore. I only got together with him a few years after you said you wanted to break up with him.”

The people at the side immediately started pointing fingers.

“This is too much. She was the one who broke up with the man first and had another man. Now she still wants to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend. How can there be such a woman?”