Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1379

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1379 – However, Freya must be very clear about it too.

She might seem silly, but actually, she understood some things clearly.

A girl like her was so transparent that it strangely made people feel bad for her.

The next day.

It was already late in the morning when Rodney woke up.

He sat up abruptly and realized the place looked familiar. However, he could not remember where he was for a while.

Then, Ryan walked in. “Brother Rodney, you’re awake.”

Rodney was stunned for a few seconds, then he remembered. This was Ryan’s place.

“You finally acknowledge me.” Rodney shot Ryan an icy glare. “You didn’t answer when I called you last time. I even thought you’d never acknowledge

me as your cousin again.”

Ryan laughed. “You know I have to obey Grandpa’s words. If Grandpa hadn’t agreed, I wouldn’t be addressing you as my brother either.”


Rodney was puzzled. “Agree to what?”

“Agree to let you come back to the Snow family. ”

Ryan leaned on the cupboard lazily. He folded his arms across his chest.

“Really?” Rodney was delighted. “I knew it. Grandpa still loves me! Everything he said before must’ve been said in a moment of anger…”

“You’re overthinking,” Ryan cut him off. “It’s because Sister Freya went to the Snow family last night. She requested Grandpa and your parents to let you return to the Snow family. That’s why Grandpa agreed.”

Rodney’s body jolted. He remembered that he had eaten and chatted with Freya last night. His and Freya’s relationship had eased a little. However, he did not expect that she would personally go to the Snow family and request his family to let him return.

As he kept thinking about it, he increasingly felt

that he had been too merciless in the past.

Frankly speaking, Freya was a person with a sharp mouth but a soft heart.

She was harsh and mean on the surface, and sometimes, her words were really unpleasant to hear. She and Rodney were like enemies, but in the end, she still helped him.

He lowered his gaze in a daze. He should be delighted, but his heart felt heavy from the pressure.

“By the way, I was having a meal with her last night “You were drunk. She called me to pick you up.” Ryan gazed at Rodney and sighed. “Say, you got so lucky back then but you ruined it yourself. Freya is such a good woman but you didn’t know how to cherish her.”

“Don’t make it sound like… she was mine from the start, ” Rodney said with complicated feelings, “ She doesn’t even like me.”

“You have a point there. ” Ryan touched his chin. “ Too bad your mom insisted that my dad take her in as a goddaughter. There were a lot of ways to compensate her. Since you didn’t want to marry

her, you could’ve let me do it. I don’t mind her being pregnant with a child. Ah, it’s too bad.”

“What nonsense are you spewing?” Rodney was utterly speechless and shocked when he heard Ryan’s words. He felt a twinge of anger too. “Are you crazy? How can two cousins use the same woman? It’ll be a joke if it gets out, okay?”

“What do you mean by ‘use’? Don’t make it sound so ugly. What happened to you and Freya was an accident, ” Ryan said lazily, “I don’t mind whether a woman still has her virginity or not as long as I like her.”

“Ryan Snow, Freya is your sister in name now. Keep your d***y thoughts to yourself, ” Rodney warned angrily.