Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1378

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1378 – “Freya, that night… when you suddenly cried… I thought it was because of me and Chester. Actually, it was because you met Patrick, right?”

Rodney suddenly said, “Hearing him say those words today, I’m guessing he said some unpleasant words that night that made you lose control. You don’t have to pay him any mind. Patrick is not a good person. He’s just a fool like I was in the past. He’s not worth you being sad over.”

“I wasn’t sad because of him. I stopped loving him a long time ago. I was just… discontent. I worked hard and gave my everything, yet in the end, it still wasn’t good enough for him.”

“I understand. It’s just like how I treated Sarah. In the end, she treated me as a backup—an idiotic person and a fool. In fact, she utterly looks down on me. I can’t understand which part of me made her look down on me. I graduated from a renowned university. The company that I established…”

Rodney paused. He suddenly said, “Why don’t I order some wine? You can drink water. It’s not fun

just sitting and chatting.” “… Suit yourself.”

Freya hesitated and said.

Frankly speaking, if she were not pregnant, she would want to order two bottles of wine too.

After that, Rodney had the waiter bring two bottles of wine over.

However, Rodney could not hold his liquor. He was drunk after a meal.

He drank too much. In the end, he hugged the bottle and vented drunkenly, “Actually… I know that Shaun, Chester, and you are mocking me because… I… I’m stupid. I think I’m very stupid too, a complete i***t. Just for a woman… You don’t even know… She said I’m useless and I can’t compare to Shaun… And Chester…. Even the Snow family doesn’t want me… I’m worthless…

“I saw her… making out with that… President Yard with my own eyes… I caught her red-handed… But she didn’t panic, and she even… blamed me instead…

“I don’t understand… What did I do wrong? Even if she didn’t love me… For more than ten years… I complied with her demands. I put her… in my heart.

Did I f*cking do that… for her to humiliate me in the end?”

Initially, Freya felt annoyed when she listened to him. Afterward, she saw his eyes redden. Toward the end, she did not know whether Rodney was foolish or pitiful.

Actually, she and Rodney had gone through similar situations.

They deeply loved a person and even gave their best, yet their feelings were not reciprocated and they were even trampled on in return.

Freya kept drinking water in silence. After they finished the meal, she gave Ryan a call.

Half an hour later, Ryan arrived. He was speechless when he saw Rodney, who was utterly drunk. “It’s just dinnertime and he’s already this drunk?”

“Maybe he’s in a bad mood. Send him back. ” Freya had kept listening to Rodney as he talked about the fact that they only slept together once. Her scalp had gone numb. She regretted treating him to a meal.

Ryan glanced at her in astonishment when he heard that. He smiled and said, “I thought you hated him.

Ah, should I help you throw him into the river to feed the fish and get revenge for you?”

“Forget it. Hating someone requires energy too. I don’t want to hate anymore. It’s too tiring and quite pointless as well. Moreover, I don’t want to be the Snow family’s tool.”

Freya smiled and waved her hand. She turned around and took her bag, preparing to leave.

“Wait, I’ll give you a ride too, ” Ryan called out to her.

“No need. I have something else to do.” Freya left.

Ryan watched her from behind. His heart was filled with emotion.

Actually, the Snow family’s original intent was to let Freya vent her anger when Rodney pursued her. When they made up afterward, the baby in her stomach could have a father too. At the same time, Rodney could return to the Snow family again and the Snow family could keep their pride.

However, nobody had asked whether Freya agreed to it or not.