Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1372

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1372 – “Patrick, did you offend someone out there? This person seems to be quite powerful, considering that they managed to do this. Why don’t… you look for Miss Lynch? She’s the goddaughter of the future prime minister now. It should be easy to ask her for help.”

“Yeah. After all, you were in a relationship with Miss Lynch for a couple of years. She’ll take your history into consideration.”

The shareholders made these remarks straightforwardly in front of Linda.

Linda’s body swayed a little, and her face paled.

Patrick’s face turned ghastly. Even so, he could not expose that it was Freya’s doing.

He never thought that Freya would end up going so far.

After all, they used to be in love with each other. How could she be so cruel?

He regretted approaching her of his own accord that night and giving her his business card.

However, he could not expose it to the company’s shareholders as they would be more unhappy with him and Linda.

“Enough. Just drop it. I’ve already broken up with Freya for years and we no longer talk to each other. I’ll find a way to settle this issue,” Patrick forced his mouth open and said with a deep voice.

“That’s true.” One of the shareholders threw Linda a glance. “Miss Lynch came to the office and quarreled with some of our people previously.

Perhaps she’s still holding a grudge against you. ”

At the mention of this issue, all the shareholders were unhappy with Patrick.

At first, everyone thought that Freya was the one who behaved arrogantly and unreasonably when she fought with Linda back then. Later, when Patrick got into a relationship with Linda, many employees secretly discussed it and thought that Linda deserved to be beaten up. They believed that what made Freya’s blood boil was the fact that Patrick had long since been involved with Linda.

Linda bit her lip and lowered her head.

Patrick shot a glance at her, his eyes flashing with guilt. He leaped to his feet and said, “Let’s dismiss. I’m going to have lunch with the supervision

department later. I’ll try my best to settle the issue.”

“Even if you settle it, our company’s reputation is still ruined. The food industry is different from others. People won’t forget about it just because the incident is over. It takes several years of PR to save our reputation.”

All the shareholders grumbled before they walked away.

Patrick clenched his fists. Only after Linda closed the door did she turn around and say guiltily, “The shareholders are right. If Freya…”

“Don’t mention her anymore, ” Patrick said frostily, “This was her doing.”

“Huh?” Linda pursed her lips and asked with surprise, “Why did she do that? Is it because she still hates you?”

“Yeah.” Patrick furrowed his brows deeply, his eyes glinting with fury and misery. “I really don’t understand when she started acting so cruelly. Or has she always been like this? After gaining her current status, she has learned to bully people.”

“It’s my fault.” Linda was filled with annoyance and guilt. “If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have contacted you whenever something happened to me back then. Also, I wouldn’t have gotten together with you. Patrick, why don’t… we… break up now?”

Linda said sorrowfully as tears slid down her face. “ I’m sure Freya can’t get over you, that’s why she still hates you. She might agree to be with you again if you pursue her. What’s more, she’s currently the goddaughter of the future prime minister. If you marry her, she’ll be a real help to your future, unlike me. I can’t do anything else except some secretarial work and household chores.”

When Patrick heard those words at the end of her sentence, he was suddenly reminded of her selfless dedication in the past three years. With that, he felt even guiltier deep down. “Linda, don’t say things like these. Secretarial work can be quite tiring at times. What’s more, it’s good enough that you can cook and do the cleaning for me even though you’re worn out. Freya never did these back then, so you’re much better than her.”


“Just drop it. I’m not a social climber. Considering that you’ve sacrificed so much for me, I won’t dump you just because of the company,” Patrick interrupted her, “Go and rest. I really need to meet the supervision department now.”

”Let me accompany you, ” Linda promptly said.