Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1370

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1370 – “Initially, she planned to push the blame for Granny’s d***h to me, but Uncle and Aunt took responsibility for it in order to save me. I spent several nights escaping Melbourne and secretly left Australia after that.”

“What?” Sheryl’s expression changed drastically.

One owed a great debt of gratitude to their mothers for bringing them to this world. At the thought that her mother was k****d, Sheryl wished she could cut her so-called niece into pieces.

“How cruel! ” Matthew was so infuriated that he began to criticize as well, “She k****d her biological parents and grandmother? Why does such a cruel woman exist?”

“ I reckon she was jealous. When I got engaged to Ethan, Uncle and Aunt didn’t object to it. Instead, they showed us their support. Besides, Uncle and Granny, who took pity on me for being kidnapped back then, went all out to make it up to me. My cousin wasn’t happy about it. She thought that I snatched everything from her ever since I returned.

At the same time, she hated Uncle and Aunt. After all, she had been pampered since young.”

After grumbling about it, Rebecca noticed the furious look on Sheryl’s face. She held her hand. “ Mom, I believe what goes around comes around. I heard Shaun has been a shadow of his former self recently. He’s no longer the wealthiest man in Australia, and Hill Corporation is currently d**d in the water. As for my cousin, she married Shaun afterward but he soon fell for someone else and dumped her. This could be karma.”

“Karma?” Sheryl smirked indifferently. “How is that enough? I didn’t know about them back then, but now I know. I won’t let these people off the hook.”

“By the way, where’s your dad?” Matthew finally raised a question that Sheryl had been wanting to ask. However, she dared not ask because of Titus’ presence.

As expected, Titus’ face turned grim within seconds. He glowered at his son so hard that he wished he could eat him up.

Matthew touched his nose, thinking that his father was truly petty. Anyway, this issue had to be clarified sooner or later.

“My dad?” Rebecca sighed. “Mom, you might not know that you gave birth to me before you got married… After Dad got into a relationship with you, his family made him marry another woman. He hasn’t known about my existence for 20 years. ”

Sheryl was utterly disappointed. “I was so blind at that time, huh?”

Titus then sneered, “He’s trash. How dare he be so irresponsible toward the woman he fooled around with? What a coward and a scumbag! Wifey, you had such bad taste before this.”

Sheryl indeed felt humiliated, yet she could not deny the truth.

Rebecca laughed. “Karma struck again recently. The media suddenly revealed that his wife cuckolded him plenty of times and even gave birth to a daughter who belonged to someone else. But the most shameful thing was that the man whom his wife had an affair with was my dad’s biological brother. It means that the daughter is now my dad’s niece.”

“That’s really confusing. ” Sheryl subconsciously knitted her brows together. Apparently, her ex- boyfriend was not just scummy but also silly. This was the kind of man who disgusted her the most.

“After that, my cousin impersonated me and acknowledged my dad.” Rebecca shrugged. “She did that because my dad’s family is the wealthy Yule family in Australia. But in recent years, the Yule family has been doing badly. Yule Corporation has changed hands. As such, my cousin failed to take advantage of anything. I don’t feel like acknowledging my dad, so I’m not bothered about him. Anyway, I hate him and will never forgive him.”

“He doesn’t deserve your forgiveness.”

Sheryl held Rebecca’s hands. “You have me as your mom now and that’s more than enough. Just stay here from now on. Let me introduce you to them. This is your brother, Matthew Costner. This is your uncle, who’s also my current husband.”

Titus nodded impassively, whereas Matthew flashed Rebecca a smile. “Don’t worry, Sis. I’ll protect you in the future. Let me know if anyone bullies you. As for your cousin…”

His eyes narrowed grimly. “Mom, we can ignore the other problems but she k****d our Granny and even tortured Sis so badly. We definitely can’t let her off the hook, Shaun too.”

“Yeah. I’ll let you settle it.” Sheryl asked Rebecca,“

What’s your cousin’s name?”

“Catherine Jones,” Rebecca immediately answered. “Catherine Jones.”

Sheryl was stunned as she muttered this name. It was a nice name, which gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity.