Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1368

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1368 – Matthew’s expression shifted a little, whereas Sheryl looked at Rebecca with perplexity. “You know I’m your mom, huh?”

“I’ve seen you in Granny’s photo.” Rebecca began to choke up. “Something happened to you soon after you gave birth to me.”

“What happened?” Sheryl asked gently, but her gaze became sharp without anyone noticing it.

With her current status and rank, she had to be alert now that a daughter who seemingly came from nowhere was acknowledging her.

“You got swept up in a typhoon.” Rebecca bit her lip. “I was too young back then, so I’m not very sure. I only got to know about the incident when Granny mentioned it during her last moments a few years ago. She said that you suddenly headed to Country T because of a call. At that time, there was a typhoon and you went missing after that. The police said that the typhoon might’ve swept you into the sea and you didn’t survive. Grandpa and Granny even had a cenotaph erected for you.”

Sherly’s chest stiffened.

She had been rescured from the sea. Apart from the island owner and a few of his confidants, no one else knew about the incident. Now that those confidants had passed away, only Titus and Mathew knew about it.

“So is my mom already d**d?” Sherly was baffled, and her heart ached.

“Not only is Granny d**d, but Grandpa has also long since passed away. They were already in their 80s.” Redecca sighed with red eyes. “You also have an elder brother called jeffery jones, and Uncle treats me pretty well.”

“Really?” A look of distress washed over Sherly’s face.

Despite her memory loss, she could remember that it was her parents who raised her ever since she was born. She was supposed to fulfill her filial duty at this time, yet she ended up in this distant place. “Is my brother doing well?”

“No, he’s in j**l.” Rebecca sighed.

Sheryl was stunned, Then, she narrowed her beautiful eyes. “What happened?”

“It’s quite a complicated matter.”

Rebecca pursed her lips. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “It has to do with his daughter. Oh well, let’s drop it. Mom, I actually came to Neah Bay this time to look for you. I wasn’t sure if you were still alive either. But a year ago, I came across a man who told me that he saw someone in Neah Bay who looked like me. I thought you might still be alive, so I came here with a purpose. I was just trying my luck, but I didn’t expect…”

Tears trickled down her face again. “ I didn’t know how else I could search for you. I won three days in a row in the c****o, hoping to attract attention among the people in Neah Bay. Perhaps you’d be aware of me and notice our resemblance…”

“Enough. I understand everything.” Sheryl went to Rebecca and hugged her gently. Her previous doubts about Rebecca coming to Neah Bay had vanished at this moment. “You must’ve had a hard time over the years, my girl.”

“No, I’m more than happy just being able to see my biological mother in my lifetime,” Rebecca said amid her sobs.

Titus, who was beside them, knitted his brows together. He then asked with a cold, deep tone, “ Which man told you about it? What does he look like?”

Titus was tall and sturdily built.

Therefore, his air of authority instantly made Rebecca nervous and frightened. “I… I have no idea as well. He was sitting beside me in the first class seat of a plane.”