Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1360

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1360 – Eliza froze.

She never thought that Chester would be… so shameless.

He was getting married soon.

Even if she knew that there was no marriage fidelity when it came to people like him, she had said that she was Charity’s childhood friend.

However, he was still so scummy.

Was he so h***y that he had no moral boundaries? To think that she once loved such a man.

Eliza felt nauseous, deeply disgusted.

She pushed him hard, but the man’s chest was extremely sturdy.

She had no choice but to bite him fiercely until blood welled up.

Chester suddenly woke up. Eliza pushed him away and slapped him across the face.

The entire office fell into silence after the slap.

“You dare to hit me?” Chester’s eyes were heavy, just like an enraged venomous snake.

“Why wouldn’t I dare hit you? If I don’t beat up a rogue who tried to assault me, am I supposed to keep you and bring you home to meet my parents instead?” Eliza sneered.

“Very good, Eliza Robbins. You’ve completely infuriated me this time. Since you called me a rogue, I’ll show you how much of a rogue I am.”

Chester picked her up by the waist and threw her onto the sofa, pressing his tall body down on her.

“Chester Jewell, let go!” Eliza really did not expect this man to be so crazy. Furthermore, Chester worked out regularly and was very strong. When she was pressed by him like this, her strength was like an ant compared to an elephant.

Even when she raised her leg to kick upward, Chester clamped her legs and chuckled in a low voice. “You’re quite active.”

Eliza’s eyes reddened in anger. “Chester Jewell, if you want to play with women, there are plenty for you to choose from. Why are you so fixated on me? Because I’ m Charity’s friend? Do you like to play with sisters so much? Aren’t you afraid that…

Charity will d*e without peace?”

D*e without peace.

The three words smashed down on him like a hammer.

Chester’s body froze.

Eliza took the opportunity to push him away. She quickly straightened her clothes and rushed out of the office.

Unexpectedly, after taking a few steps, she saw Cindy carrying a sachet and walking over loftily.

When she saw Eliza’s messy clothes and hickeys on her neck, she glanced at the president’s office door behind Eliza and her eyes flashed scornfully. “Eliza, I didn’t expect you to be so cheap, or have you always been like that? The people in the company called you noble and virtuous, but it turns out you’re just like this.”

Eliza gave her a cold look and turned to leave without looking back.

“ Stop. Don’t you see that Cindy is talking to you?”

Beside Cindy, her assistant Ada shouted, “Hey, didn’t you hear Cindy talking to you? Are you deaf? Do you not want to work in the company anymore?”

However, Eliza completely ignored her as if she did not hear them and left. Ada was furious. “Cindy, that b*tch is too disrespectful to you.”

“It’s fine. She’s just President Daley’s plaything. He already has a wife. Did you think he would marry her?”

Cindy laughed mockingly and went forward to push open the office door.

When she saw the figure sitting on the sofa, she was instantly dumbfounded. Her entire body seemed to freeze.

She looked around the office but did not see Shedrick at all. In other words, the person who was with Eliza just now… was Chester?

How could that be?