Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1348

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1348 – Eliza’s cold eyes were full of indifference. After waiting quietly for him for a while and noticing that he did not continue his sentence, she continued to eat.

Her indifferent attitude made Chester’s eyes turn cold. “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“ I don’t know what to say. If I say I don’t want to attract your attention, you’ll call me hypocritical. If I say I do want to attract your attention, you’ll call me cheap.”

Eliza ate a slice of fish, chewed it carefully, and swallowed it before saying, “ So I should shut up, lest you threaten to shut me out again.”

Chester looked at her slow movements, and the undercurrents in the depths of his eyes surged.

Freya wanted to speak up for Eliza at first. However, she burst out laughing after hearing Eliza’s words. “ That’s true. Men are so senseless sometimes. Let’s eat.”

Halfway through, Chester got up and went to the washroom.

When he was washing his hands, Shaun came out from behind. “Hey, you really embarrassed me tonight. Cathy was the one who invited Eliza. I don’t care what grievances you’ve had with her before. Did you need to target her so many times during the meal?”

“Did I?” Chester did not react to it at all.

“Didn’t you?” Shaun glanced at him sideways. “Let me describe what you look like now. You look like you want to s********h her, but she has rejected you, so you’ re unreconciled and want to ruin her fun in order to find a sense of being.”

“You’re nuts.” Chester scolded him.

“You never used to be like this.” Shaun pulled a paper towel and wiped his hands.

Chester frowned and took a drag on his cigarette. “By the way, why is Eliza here? When did Freya and Catherine know her?”

“I’m not too sure either. I saw her sitting with Cathy and the others when I finished the lawsuit. Rodney said they only met today.”

“Eliza went to see you in court?” Chester raised his brows.


Shaun then went into the gents.

When they returned to the room, they found Eliza’s seat empty.

“Eliza said something came up, so she left.” Freya looked at Chester frustratingly. “Young Master Jewell, I know that Eliza is only an actor in your eyes. You can look down on her, but you can’t go too far with your words.”

Perhaps it’s because she came from Melbourne that she resented the superiority of the nobles in Canberra.

If it were in the past, she would endure it. However, she was now Nathan Snow’s adopted daughter, so she did not want to tolerate it.

“Don’t make it seem like all women want you for your money and status. Yes, there are women like that, but…”

“How long have you known Eliza?” Chester interrupted her. “Two hours? Three hours? Do you know her true personality?”

“Yes, we’ve known each other for a short time, but there’s affinity when it comes to making friends.

It’s like… that year when Cathy and I liked being friends with Charity, but you men didn’t. ” Freya sneered. “What do you like? Sarah, or types like Cindy?”

Chester narrowed his eyes coldly. Rodney understood Chester well and knew that he was getting angry. As such, he quickly said, “Freya, cut the cr*p. Maybe Eliza is an artiste in Chester’s company, so Chester knows her a little better.

Besides, your status isn’t ordinary now. Many people will deliberately try to curry favor with you. You have to be a little wary.”

Freya found his words ear-piercing. “Thank you for your reminder. Although I don’t have many friends, I know what kind of friends I do have. At the very least, since I was young, I have never made any mistake except for befriending Cindy.”