Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1347

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1347 – Freya took a couple of deep breaths, and Catherine hurriedly said, “Let her try one. One slice is okay.”

“Alright. Only one.” Rodney gave her the smallest slice.

“It’s none of your goddamn business. ” Freya really wanted to explode.

“Of course it’s my business. I care about my child.” Rodney said carefully, “Although you don’t acknowledge me, you can’t stop me from caring for the child.”

Freya could not be bothered with him and simply washed the sashimi he gave her with cold water again.

Rodney’s expression darkened. “I’m not sick.”

“I don’t know about that. You’ve stayed with Sarah for so long. Maybe you’re infected with something.”

Rodney’s face went red with anger. After a long time, a voice squeezed out of his throat. “I didn’t do anything with Sarah, okay?”

“Ahem.” Shaun and the others coughed.

Chester gave him an odd look. “You can’t do it too?”

“Of course I can.” Rodney bristled. “I’m not the kind of person who messes around with other women. I believe in s*x after marriage.”

After a pause, he turned to Freya. “What happened to us was an accident.”

Freya, who was suddenly mentioned, flushed with embarrassment.

“Are you implying Shaun and I mess around with other women?” Chester suddenly said.


Rodney hurriedly lowered his head and ate in silence.

He regretted it. If he had known earlier, he would not have come for this meal. It was exhausting.

“Let’s stop talking about the past. Cheers.” Catherine raised her glass.

Rodney picked it up, thought about it, and put it down again. “I’m not well enough to drink yet.”

“I’m driving,” Eliza said. Shaun. “I’m also driving.”

Catherine was speechless. In the end, the only ones who could drink were Chester and her.

“Young Master Jewell, congratulations on your wedding.” Catherine raised her glass. “I hope you’ll have a child soon.”

Chester was at a loss for words.

Could he not drink this toast? He did not want that blessing.

Then, fearing that these people would argue again, Shaun changed the subject and talked about some affairs in the business world.

Catherine ate for a while and suddenly looked at Eliza. “Oh, do you like herring too? I had a friend who loved herring.”

“Yeah, Cha… ” Freya said two syllables before she immediately choked.

However, the three men knew who she was talking about.

Chester froze and was lost in thought for two seconds.

Eliza’s grip on her chopsticks paused as well, and then she smiled faintly. “I think herring is delicious. Too much salmon makes me sick.”

“Yeah, but I think… too much herring will also make me sick.” Chester took a slice of herring and raised his brows.

Eliza looked up and met with the man’s deep gaze. She could catch a hint of vileness in his eyes, and she chuckled. “Young Master Jewell can even get sick of having too many women, let alone a fish.”

“You sure know me well.” Chester smiled charmingly.

People who were not in the know would think that they were flirting.

“ I can’t help it. I’ve seen many people like you in the entertainment circle. ” Eliza ignored his gaze.

“I’ve also seen many women like you.” Chester swirled his glass. “Trying to attract my attention, just like…”

His eyes darkened, and he suddenly fell silent.