Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1336

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1336 – Sarah sat on the defendant’s seat. Her gaze was cold, and she felt very smug.

Her attorney, Stevens, said indifferently, “The rumored top attorney in Australia is nothing much.”

Sarah asked in a low voice, “Are we guaranteed to win?”

“Almost. Didn’t you see the judge’s dissatisfactory gaze toward Shaun? Now, let me trample him for the last time.”

Stevens stood up and asked Shaun, “Mr. Shaun Hill, I heard that you hooked up with a married woman recently. Is that true?”

Shaun’s lips moved. “She’s my ex-wife…”

“All you need to answer is whether it’s true or false. Did you hook up with a woman who has yet divorced?” Stevens said.

“Yes.” Shaun nodded.

Stevens smiled. He looked toward the judge. “Your Honor, you’ve heard that too. No matter what reason Shaun has, the fact that he is together with a married woman publicly states that he has low morals. This is even a negative influence on society. Therefore, him cheating Sarah’s feelings and wasting more than ten years of my client’s youth is undoubtedly despicable. It is poor conduct. I hope Your Honor can make the fairest judgment. If a person like him gets rich, he’ll only think about harming innocent girls. In his eyes, women are like clothes that can be simply toyed with.”

The judge was a woman. Hence, after hearing Stevens’ words, she was unsatisfied with Shaun’s actions too.

Shaun stood up. “Miss Sarah Langley Neeson, let me ask you for the last time. Did I have s*x with you before?”

Sarah looked toward him ruefully. “I have no choice if you don’t want to admit it.”

“Please reply to my question directly, ” Shaun said coldly.

“Yes.” Sarah nodded.

Shaun turned to the judge and said, “I appeal to bring the last witness to court.”

“Who is the witness?” the judge asked.

“ It’s Sarah’s biological brother, Thomas Neeson.” After Shaun finished speaking, Sarah’s expression changed.

Stevens immediately said, “Objection. Shaun didn’t make the application beforehand.”

Shaun said, “Some things happened to Thomas lately, and he had been hospitalized all along. I didn’t know whether he could make it to this trial or not, so I didn’t make an application. However, he sent me a message before the trial started and said he would come. Moreover, both sides mentioned Thomas’s name many times during the first hearing.”

The judge glanced at the past records before she nodded. “Let him in.”

Sarah’s originally smug face sank. She did not understand why Thomas would go to Shaun after he was missing for a month?

She thought Thomas was so terrified after being taught a lesson by Chester that the former secretly left the country.

“How much does your brother know about your stuff?” Stevens asked in a deep voice.

“A lot.” Sarah did not feel good.

Stevens clenched his fists in frustration. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“I wasn’t sure. He always listened to me.” Sarah was puzzled as well. At the same time, she secretly hated him. She should have gotten rid of Thomas a long time ago.

Soon, Thomas entered.