Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1333

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1333 – “I know. ” Freya said, “ I’m just worried Rodney will be there too. Think about it. Sarah is the woman he loves the most, so I must dress up nicely. I can’t become a plain, unattractive woman whom he looks down on just because I’m pregnant.”

“You’re overthinking. Rodney is still in the hospital.”

“That’s not for sure. His obsession with Sarah is especially deep. Alright, let’s not talk anymore. I’m hanging up.”

“Hurry up…”

The call ended before Catherine could finish her sentence.

After waiting for another 1o minutes, Freya finally appeared. However, her dress-up was indeed very thoughtful. Her thick, long hair rested on her back. Her petite face that looked mixed-race seemed like there was no powder on it, making her look clean, natural, and fresh. There was tomato-red lipstick applied on her lips. She exuded a youthful feeling without makeup and just a little lipstick.

As for her clothing, Freya wore a denim dress with a brown leather belt on her waist, exposing her pretty, fair, and slender legs. She had a white bag from Burberry’s new collection of that season.

When she walked out of the neighborhood, there were continuously guys who looked back to eye her. A young man even bumped into a tree because he was too fixated on staring at Freya.

Catherine watched that scene in silence until Freya opened the car door and got in.

“You don’t look like you’re three months pregnant at all, ” Catherine said.

“My stomach isn’t very big yet. If it gets bigger, it won’t be too easy for me to look pretty.” After Freya let out a worried sigh, she ran her fingers through her hair. “How do I look? I’m pretty, right?”

Catherine was speechless.

“Are you speechless because of my beauty?” Freya battered her eyes playfully.

“Wait a minute, sister. Are you dressing up so nicely just to make Rodney regret it? But you don’t even like Rodney. Don’t make yourself look as if you want him to regret dumping you, okay?”

Catherine complained.

“You don’t understand. His attitude toward me was worse than dumping me,” Freya said furiously. “ Whenever I think of that i***t forcing me to get an a******n because of a few drops of Sarah’s tears, I get so mad. I don’t mind losing to you, but I’m just not satisfied losing to Sarah, that evil witch.”

“Then why did you act as if you didn’t care at all when the Snow family asked for your opinion?” Catherine could not resist asking.

“I’m not a fool. The Snow family is willing to stand on my side because they know I’m the victim. The Snow family treats me well, but that doesn’t mean I’m as important as Rodney. At the end of the day, I’m not a member of the Snow family. They want to let Rodney return, but for one, they have already released a public statement, so they can’t bring down their pride. Secondly, they are worried that I’ll be uncomfortable. However, if I were to oppose letting Rodney return at that time, the Snow family would surely be skeptical of me. That’s why I can’t make a decision.”

Catherine gave her an approving glance. “You’re smarter now.”

“Of course… ” After Freya said that, her expression suddenly darkened. “When wasn’t I smart?”

“I used to think you were quite dim, ” Catherine said honestly. “But let me remind you. Don’t put on makeup too often when you’re pregnant.”

“Don’t worry. I developed these myself.” Freya took a small bag and handed it over to Catherine. “ It’s not launched on the markets yet. You’re the only one who has this in the whole of Australia. It’s called manipulative cosmetics. It’ll allow you to have unrivaled beauty, yet men will think you have no makeup on.”

“Really?” Catherine widened her eyes. Everyone wanted to look pretty, and Catherine was no exception either.

“Look at my makeup today. Does it seem natural?” Freya raised her eyebrows.

Catherine immediately opened the small bag and started studying Freya’s cosmetics.

She forgot that she was supposed to go to court until Shaun gave her a call. “Cathy, are you here yet? The trial will start in 10 minutes.”