Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1331

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1331 – Catherine took a bath with a blushing face before coming out of the bathroom.

Shaun was lying on the bed, looking at her lazily and intimately. “Why are you taking a bath in the middle of the day?”

Catherine shot him a sharp glance, and her face flushed red. “It was all your fault that I was sweaty.”

“ Is that so? ” Shaun smiled vaguely. He suddenly jumped down from the bed and lifted her off her feet.

Startled, Catherine frantically wrapped her hands around his neck “Shaunny, what are you doing again? Put me down quickly.”

Shaun lowered his head and kissed her hard. “ Cathy, although my illness hasn’t recovered yet, I’ll try my utmost best to give you pleasure. Tell me, how was your experience just now?”

Catherine turned away as her blushing face turned a darker shade of red.

“If you say nothing, I’ll take it that you agree it was good.” An ambiguous smile flashed on Shaun’s s.exy face.

“Shaun, can you cut it out?” Catherine was enraged.

“No.” Shaun hugged her tightly and said with a muffled voice, “I’ve been thinking of being together with you like this for the whole afternoon. I don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Catherine leaned on his chest quietly. With so many things happening lately, leaning on him like that made her feel like the unknown future was not that scary.

However, not long after, that sense of tranquility was interrupted by Freya’s call. “Catherine, be honest with me. Are you doing some shady stuff with Shaun?”

Although Catherine did not put the call on speaker, the room was quiet enough for Shaun to hear their conversation

Catherine’s body stiffened. When she subconsciously suspected if Sarah had installed security cameras or sorts, Freya suddenly said, “If that’s not the case, why haven’t you replied to the messages I sent you?”

Catherine let out a sigh of relief and quickly opened her Whatsapp. Freya did send her messages before, but Catherine was making out with Shaun at that time.

At that thought, her face flushed uncontrollably. “No, I was taking a nap.”

Upon hearing that, Shaun glanced at her with a flirty smile.

Catherine rolled her eyes at him.

Freya hmphed. “You can’t possibly be taking a nap with Shaun, right?”

“No, you’re overthinking…” Catherine denied it embarrassingly.

Freya said, “ It’s impossible. I called you because I saw Shaun’s Facebook post. Are you guys openly getting back together?”

Catherine was puzzled. “What Facebook post? I didn’t see it.”

“You didn’t know? Ah, what Shaun posted on Facebook was too cheesy. Something about loving you very much.” Freya chuckled and said, “ Congratulations, you’re stuck with that unworthy man again.”

Shaun, the unworthy man, frowned in dissatisfaction. Just as he wanted to say something, Catherine covered his mouth.

“Okay, I’ll have a look at it later…”

“Speaking of it…” Freya suddenly lowered her voice when she pried, “You’re so soft-hearted. Since Shaun is impotent, why did you get back together with him?”

Catherine regretted a little for blocking Shaun’s mouth just now.

At that moment, Shaun was quiet too. He simply looked at Catherine in silence and waited for her to reply.

Catherine said stiffly, “I’m not a person who cares a lot about that kind of stuff.”

“But he can’t be completely impotent, right? Why don’t… I give you some good stuff? Hehe. ” Freya chuckled ambiguously.

“I can’t be bothered with you.” Catherine could not listen anymore, so she hung up straight away.

After that, the atmosphere was still quiet and eerie. Shaun kept his eyelashes downcast and did not say a word. He looked as if he received a heavy blow.