Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1330

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1330 – The recent heated discussion about the matter between Shaun and Catherine was on par with top- tiered celebrities.

Immediately after Shaun posted on Facebook, countless netizens came over and commented on his post.

[Wow, are they openly getting back together?]

[A soul-stirring romance drama of 6o episodes has suddenly ended. I’m not quite used to it.]

[It still hasn’t ended. Wesley and Catherine aren’t divorced yet. I heard that Wesley isn’t willing to get a divorce. I reckon there’ll still be trouble afterward.

[Young Master Hill, cherish Catherine properly. Don’t ever be as fickle as you were before.]

[Young Master Hill is impotent, yet Catherine is still willing to make up with him. This must be true love.]

Shaun read the netizens’ comments with amusement. Suddenly, Rodney sent a message to the brothers’ Whatsapp group. [Ew, Shaun. You’re so cheesy. I’m disgusted.]

Shaun’s expression darkened as he replied: [What will a single and lonely person like you f*cking

Rodney: [Why? Are you looking down on single people? Even if I’m single, at least I already have a baby. Hmph.]

Shaun: [You’re right. I reckon the kid will call you uncle whenever he or she meets you in the future.]

Attacked by that statement, Rodney was speechless: […]

Even Chase, who had not voiced out in the group chat for a long time, appeared. [This can’t be. Our Rin must’ve gotten back together with you because she cannot stand your pestering. Shaun, if you dare bully her again, I’ll beat you up until you d*e even if we’re friends.]

Shaun’s expression turned black. [Watch what you say. She’s mine now. She has nothing to do with you at all.]

Chase: [She’s from Melbourne, and I’m the most

powerful man in Melbourne, so I’m half the bride’s family. I believe Rin will agree with what I said too.]

Chester: [Yo, it’s so lively in the group chat today. Even Chase is here. I thought you’d never show up again.]

Chase: [Of course. Chatting with three stupid people will affect my IQ.]

Chester sneered. [Chase, are you asking for a beating?]

Rodney: [You want to be ganged up on, right?]

Chase: [Did I say anything wrong? You all were fooled by Sarah for the past three years and treated two b*tches like a babe. I’m afraid my intelligence will drop. ]

Chester: [I’ve got an operation to perform.] The conversation could not go on.

Rodney: [My butt hurts. I’m going to recuperate.]

Shaun: [I have to accompany Cathy to sleep. This is a delight you single people won’t understand.]

Shaun put down his phone. He was glum. He did not expect there would come a day where the three of them would be mocked by Chase. 1

In order to ease his sadness, he turned his attention to Catherine.

However, after he had turned his attention to her, he could not keep himself in check.

Catherine was fast asleep until suddenly, she felt slightly out of breath. It was as if a puppy was rubbing against her.

She opened her eyes just in time to see Shaun’s thin, hot lips landing on hers. That passionate look made her heat up uncontrollably as well.

“Shaun, didn’t you want to take a nap?” She gritted her teeth. She might have been in too much of a deep sleep just now, so she could not muster any strength in her body.

“I wanted to, but I really wanted to k**s you when I looked at you. I won’t be able to handle it if I k**s you longer. Cathy, let me k**s you properly. We’ve never kissed this way in a long time.”

Shaun was like a fierce and spoiled little puppy. His voice was hoarse and captivating.

Catherine was dizzy from his coaxing. Moreover, she was too lazy to move, so she just let him have his way.

50 minutes later.