Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1328

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1328 – Catherine found it hilarious. It was just a casual remark.

She may be a s****r for good looks, but if she loved someone, she would always love him even if he became old and ugly.

“Cathy, it’s noon already. Do you want to have lunch together?” Shaun asked in an attempt to please.


“What do you want to eat? There are quite a few restaurants near our company—”

“Let’s go back and eat.” Catherine interrupted him. “Your current state isn’t suitable for working, so you should go back home and recuperate.”

“But I don’t want to go back to the Hill family’s residence to recuperate. I want to stay with you. ” Shaun gazed at her affectionately.

“I’m currently living with my dad. If I bring you back to the Yule family, I’ll get a good scolding from him.” After that, Catherine remained silent

for a moment. Then, she said, “Let’s go to Palm Springs. Don’t you have a suite there? You can rest there during the day and go back to accompany the children at night.”


Shaun would do that with pleasure. As long as Catherine was willing to accompany him, he could even rest for a month.

On the way there, Catherine drove while Shaun sat in the passenger seat. He felt as happy as a kid. “ Cathy, there’s nothing at all at my place in Palm Springs. Let’s buy some food.”

“We’ll go to the supermarket later.” Catherine agreed as well.

When they were shopping at the supermarket, Catherine went to the meat section and bought three big pieces of pork ribs. Shaun was over the moon. “Cathy, you remember that I like your pork ribs the most.”

“That’s right, and Suzie took after you. She likes those pork ribs too.”

At the thought of her daughter, Catherine could not help but go soft-hearted. “Why don’t we go to the Hill family’s residence? Then, the children can eat it too.”

“Not today. I want to have some time to ourselves,” Shaun said while holding her hand.

“Haven’t we gotten a lot of time to ourselves? You said you wanted time to ourselves yesterday as well, and I even agreed to have a barbecue with you.” Catherine felt increasingly sorry toward the children the more she thought about it. As parents, they had not been accompanying them at all.

“Cathy, you ignored me halfway through the barbeque,” Shaun explained ruefully. “ It made me so depressed that I immediately chopped my finger when I got home.”

Catherine was utterly speechless. “Okay, okay. I’ll spend some time with you alone again.”

“Mmm.” Shaun nodded and pushed the shopping cart obediently. One moment, he said he wanted grapes and lychees. Then, the next, he said he wanted yogurt. However, all those were actually Catherine’s favorite food.

Catherine did say anything as well and left it all up t o him.

Once they had paid and walked out, they noticed that they had been followed by some people.

“Those reporters are so relentless.” Shaun frowned in contempt.

“Let them follow us all they want. Almost everyone knows that I’ve gotten back together with you without getting a divorce yet anyway. I don’t mind anymore, ” Catherine said indifferently.

“Mm.” Shaun nodded his head profoundly.

At Palm Springs, Catherine put on an apron and was about to start cooking. However, Shaun felt especially bad. “Cathy, why don’t I do the cooking? Although your cooking is delicious, women have to be pampered. I don’t feel good letting you cook for me.”

“Forget it. You’re injured now, and besides, I won’t cook too much. I’ll just cook two dishes.” Catherine then chased him out.

Her cooking was speedy. In less than half an hour, she had made two dishes and a soup.

Shaun had not tasted her cooking in a very long time, so he thought it was particularly delicious. In the end, he even finished the soup dregs. After he was done eating, he lamented, “ I was definitely an i***t in the past.”