Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1327

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1327 – “Really? Let me try then.” When Catherine extended her hand and acted like she was about to press down, she noticed Shaun closing his eyes quickly, and his eyelashes were trembling. Even his temples were tense.

The corners of Catherine’s lips curved up slightly. In the end, she put her hands down, tiptoed, and kissed him.

Shaun was so stunned that he opened his eyes. The intense pain never came. Instead, what came was a woman’s jelly-like juicy lips.

“Open your mouth. ” The woman’s soft, seductive voice could be heard vaguely.

Shaun felt as if his heart was about to melt. Was it not usually the men who talked d***y?

However… Ahem, it sounded even sexier coming from Catherine.

Shaun was greatly stimulated. He hugged her tight and deepened the k**s fiercely.

He had kissed Catherine before this, but he was not a fool. He could sense that this k**s was not quite the same as the ones in the past. At least, she was reacting passionately, so much that it made Shaun’s blood begin to heat up.

Just as he wanted to progress further, Catherine grabbed his hand.

“Cathy…” Shaun’s s**y throat made a coaxing voice.

“Shaunny, don’t get too excited. Didn’t you say that it hurts when your body vibrates? Look at how much you’re trembling now. You’ re like a sieve. ” Catherine blinked innocently and reminded him teasingly.

Shaun was upset. If only he knew, he would not have said those words. “If you k**s me, it won’t hurt.”

“Cut it out.” Catherine rolled her pretty eyes.

However, that flirtatious look made Shaun feel even more impatient. “Cathy, it sounds really nice when you call me that way. Did you call me like that in the past too? It sounds a bit familiar.”


Catherine lowered her eyes. She did not want him to feel any familiarity.

She was afraid that his memories would gradually recover if he felt a sense of familiarity, and by then, he might become a r****d.

“Did you take an anti-inflammatory injection for your wound already?” Catherine asked.

“ I had an IV drip during dawn. But I have to be on the IV drip for at least three days in the hospital, ” Shaun answered honestly.

“Will it be inconvenient when you work or type?” Catherine asked. Shaun was different from Logan. Logan did not need to use the computer much, whereas, as Hill Corporation’s president, Shaun had to use the mouse or type often.

“I’ll slowly get used to it.” Shaun said with a smile, “Compared to you, all these are nothing at all. It’s okay even if I lose a hand.”

“That won’t do.” Catherine cut him off with a straight face. “I’d despise you if you lost a hand.”

Shaun was saying touching and romantic words. There was no need for her to throw a wet blanket on him so heartlessly.

“I’m a s****r for good looks,” Catherine added another cruel sentence.

Shaun almost wanted to rush in front of the mirror in the bathroom and take a good look at whether he had anything like wrinkles on his face.

“Um… Cathy, do you think my face needs some taking care of? Like putting a sheet mask on or something?” Shaun said sheepishly, “You can recommend some products to me.”

Catherine burst into laughter at his nervous expression. “It’s fine. You still look quite young, but you shouldn’t stay up too late anymore. You have dark circles.”

“Mmhm, okay. I’ll definitely go to bed early from now on so that you won’t abandon me.” Shaun was scared. After all, he was many years older than her.