Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1321

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1321 – Eliza also hated Shaun, but her friend had just gotten back together with him recently. In this case, she did not mind lending her friend a hand.

“After Thomas makes his escape, we can’t use this place anymore. You need to find another location soon, ” Eliza ordered.


After Eliza left, the man took Thomas to the mountain behind.

Only until Thomas was almost awake did the man pretend to use a shovel to dig a hole seriously.

At the sight of the scene, it finally dawned on Thomas that the man wanted to bury him alive.

The man thought he was d**d, but he was still alive.

While enduring the pain in his chest, Thomas ran away stealthily.

“Eh? Where are you? Stop there.” By the time the man realized it, Thomas had run a considerable

distance, and the former started going after him right away.

Thomas ran like the wind to the village at the foot o f the mountain while screaming ‘help’.

With that, the man stopped going after him and ran off in the opposite direction instead.

After Thomas arrived at the village, he promptly borrowed a cell phone. Initially, he wanted to call the ambulance. He wanted to call the ambulance at first, but on second thought, he called the police, lest Sarah discover that he had made his escape.

Once the police took him to the police station, he quickly reported the case. The police went to the location that he mentioned but could not identify anyone suspicious.

“It’s Sarah who got people to kidnap me.” Thomas hurriedly said, “She wants to k**l me. Hurry up and arrest her.”

The police frowned. Seeing that he looked crazy, a police officer could not help but ask, “You claim that she wants to k**l you, but do you have any evidence?”

“Yeah. The kidnapper has tacitly admitted it, ” Thomas swiftly replied.

“But we didn’t even catch sight of the person who kidnapped you.” The police officer asked, “Besides, have you seen the kidnapper in person?”

“No, but I’m sure it’s her.” Trembling, Thomas continued, “Quickly arrest her. Otherwise, she’s going to k**l me.”

“Mr. Neeson, firstly, you haven’t seen the kidnapper in person, and second, we didn’t come across her. You don’t have any evidence supporting your claim at all.” The police officer made it abundantly clear to him and said, “Well, we’ll get more people to hunt the criminal down. You may go to the hospital or inform your family first.”

“I… I don’t have a family.” At this moment, Thomas was too scared to contact Sarah.

To him, Sarah was someone who wanted to take his life.

She was so cruel that she even wanted to k**l her biological brother. At this thought, hatred overwhelmed him.

‘Sarah, since you’re making my life difficult, I’m going to do the same to you.”

After he was sent to the hospital, he immediately called Shaun.

“Young Master Hill, I’m Thomas Neeson,” he instantly screamed.

As soon as Shaun heard Thomas’s voice, his tone turned cold. “How dare you call me?”

“Young Master Hill, save me. Sarah wants to k**l me, ” Thomas said imploringly.

Shaun was momentarily stunned. Sarah wanted to k**l Thomas?

“Why should I save you?” Shaun was baffled.

“ I know the second trial of your case with Sarah is about to begin. I can help you win it.” Thomas said in agitation, “ I know many evil deeds that she has done secretly.”

Shaun raised his brow. “Tell me.”

“Once, she drugged your drink, and I was the one who got her the d**g.” When Thomas was done speaking, he shuddered and immediately added, “It was Sarah who instructed me to do it. She said you didn’t want to touch her, but she wanted to be pregnant with your child. Who would have known that you went to look for Catherine instead?”