Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1313

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1313 – Cold and indifferent.

Other than seeing her lose control that year they broke up, he had barely seen her like that since then.

“Young Master Jewell…” his assistant called.

“Yes, so does she have to do with the Neeson family?” Chester asked.

“Yup, she actually does.” His assistant continued,“ I found out that before Jennifer married Borris, when she and Charity stayed at Geraldton, Eliza was Charity’s only childhood playmate. But after Bories took Charity back to the Neeson family, Charity and Eliza began writing letters to each other. It was when Eliza’s parents got a divorce and her mother took her away that she lost touch with Charity.”

Chester lit up a cigarette silently.

Deep down, he found it strange. In that case, did Eliza dig up Jennifer and Boris’s ashes and move them away solely because of her childhood friendship with Charity?

“When Charity was in j**l, did Eliza visit her?” “No.” The assistant shook his head.

Chester rubbed his brows.

“By the way,” the assistant added, “Eliza has been vying with Cindy for the female lead in The Belle. From what I’ve heard, the readers of the original work and Director Cheever think that Eliza is a better fit. But… you contacted the company to ask Director Cheever to make Cindy the female lead. ”

Chester raised his brows, and his thin lips curled in surprise. “Since Director Cheever has decided on her, it means that her acting skills are fine.”

“Yeah, she acts well.” The assistant said with a little excitement, “You don’ t know how dramatic and sensational she was when she played the female m******r in her previous movie…”

After describing for a while, the assistant probably became conscious of his demeanor as he said in embarrassment, “Actually, her acting skills were awful back then. However, she has suddenly improved over the past two years.”

“The past two years?”

Chester’s brows twitched pensively.

He recalled it was two years ago that Charity jumped into the sea.

“Send me Eliza’s schedule. I want to meet her, ” Chester said impassively after some time.

“I can bring her here straight away,” the assistant responded.

“No need.” Chester continued to stare at the photo on the phone.

“I guess Eliza will look for President Daley directly.” The assistant said, “In case you don’t know, Eliza is also an artist under Felix Media.”

Chester was slightly taken aback. “Why didn’t I see her at the past year-end parties?”

“She has never attended any of them,” the assistant replied. “Last year, she was sick, and the year before, she was filming a movie.”

“Interesting.” Chester’s thin lips curled.

He had a feeling that Eliza might know something about the matter.

11:00 a.m.

Chester showed up at Felix Media.

The CEO of the company, Shedrick Daley, was astonished at his arrival. He laughed and said, “I’ve contacted Director Cheever, and he has already agreed to let Cindy play the lead. Yet, here you are. Are you afraid that I’ll give the soon-to-be Young Madam Jewell a hard time?”

Chester smirked. “I pity you for having to support her as the female lead despite her lousy acting.”

“Ahem. That’s very direct of you.” Shedrick coughed. “ Since we demanded to make Cindy the female lead, Director Cheever will have no choice but to spend more time guiding her. Hopefully, she won’t behave snobbishly.”

“ If she does, just ask Director Cheever to change the female lead,” Chester replied coldly.

Shedrick glanced at him in astonishment. Just as he was about to speak, his secretary suddenly came in and said, “President Daley, Eliza is here.”

Awkwardness washed over Shedrick, and he glanced at Chester before saying to his secretary, “Tell her that I’m not around. Ask her…” “Ask her to come in,” Chester said out of the blue.