Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1309

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1309 – Catherine looked at his forced smile and could not bear to hit him.

“Cathy, we should cherish the present, so come back with me to the Hills’ residence tonight…”

“Send me back to the Yules’ residence,” Catherine interrupted him. “I’m not divorced yet, so it’s not appropriate for me to stay in the Hills’ residence every day. Besides, I’m not married to you.”

Shaun was silent for a while. “Then I’ll go back to the Yules’ residence with you.”

“Do you want your leg to be broken by my dad? ” Catherine did not doubt that Joel would do it. “ Although my dad doesn’t like Wesley, he has disliked you for a long time.”

“Then… when can I s********h you at night?” Shaun was depressed. His tone made him sound like a complaining woman.

Catherine blushed at his straightforward words. “Do you want to be told off? We just made up last night and you want to s********h me tonight? Sorry,

but I’m afraid this pace isn’t suitable for me. Why don’t you find a different target— ”

“ I was wrong, Cathy. I won’t dare to talk nonsense again.” Shaun hurriedly hit his mouth. “I just don’t want to be separated from you. As long as I’m away from you, I’ll miss you like crazy.”

There were only two of them in the car, and his professions came wave after wave.

No matter how calm Catherine was, she still felt heat spreading across her face.

To divert attention, she turned on the radio which was reporting on entertainment news.

“Next, let’s focus on the famous director, Andy Cheever, who will be getting ready for the film, The Belle. We don’t need to talk about Director Cheever’s movies. His previous films broke several box office records in the country and several actresses who worked with him even won Best Actress awards.

“Therefore, many artists have been competing for the lead female role in this film. But as far as I know, the candidates for the lead female role of The Belle are likely to be Cindy Turner or Eliza Robbins, a rising theater star.”

Catherine immediately snapped to attention at Cindy’s name.

She never expected that Cindy, who had disappeared from the acting circle after being slapped in the face, would be planning to make a comeback.

That two-faced woman was simply a cockroach that would not d*e.

The host on the radio continued, “Speaking of Cindy Turner, she does have some acting experience. She made her debut as a singer and won a movie award last year. It’s reported that she’ll be marrying the heir of the Jewell family, Chester Jewell. The Jewell family also plays an important role in the entertainment circle. With the Jewell family as her backer, I’m guessing Cindy has a good chance to win the role.

“However, a majority of netizens believe that Eliza Robbins is more suitable for the female lead role in The Belle. Although many people said that Eliza’s acting was too over-the – top three years ago, her acting skills had become unbelievably good two years ago. She has also become a lot more stable, and her popularity rose sharply in the past two years. She’s been called a rising star in theater.

“In any case, no matter who stars in The Belle, we sincerely hope that Director Cheever will make another masterpiece.”

The entertainment news report ended.

Catherine did not feel like listening anymore and took out her phone to search for Eliza Robbin’s name.

Most of Eliza’s photos were taken from blockbusters. Her beauty was dazzling and captivating, especially her eyes which gave off a very cold and stern feeling. It made people feel like they would be s****d into her gaze when they looked at her.

Such a person was born to be a star.

However, those eyes gave her a familiar feeling. It was as if she had seen them somewhere before.

She looked at Eliza’s past photos and was a little surprised. Eliza had long black hair then as well, but she appeared sweet and liked to laugh. Her smile was full of sweetness and vitality.

It was the same face, but she felt like two different people.