Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1306

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1306 – “You’re a very smart woman.” Brennan looked at her and suddenly said, “You’re smarter than I was back then. Shaun and you ended up better than me.”

He was persecuted by Mason in the past and could only come back after more than 20 years.

Mason had also misled him into thinking that Liam was not his son.

That caused the biological brothers, Liam and Shaun, to hate each other for decades. Now… Liam was gone.

Catherine knew he might be thinking about Liam and thus, was upset. “Uncle, don’t blame yourself. It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yes.” Brennan nodded bitterly. “You’re smarter than me and made Shaun open his eyes to the truth. You were right to make up with him. Children need their parents.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Cathy and I are luckier than you. Stop thinking about unpleasant things. Let’s eat.” Shaun served the food.

Catherine talked with Brennan about business. Brennan was worthy of being an international business tycoon. He would casually point out a few things that would benefit Catherine greatly.

“It’s the right idea to develop the tourism industry. Real estate developed very well in the beginning but it has slowly stagnated in recent years and will gradually go downhill. I know a few big names in the tourism industry in Country Y. You can cooperate with them to expand overseas.”

Brennan introduced several foreign tycoons to her on the spot.

Catherine was overjoyed. “Thank you, Uncle. You’re very knowledgeable and have broadened my horizons.”

“I’m also very knowledgeable.” Shaun saw Catherine smile happily at Brennan and felt his heart turning sour. “ I know a few friends who run travel companies too.”

“Forget it. How old are you compared to your father? He’s much more experienced than you.” Catherine rolled her eyes. “Besides, one of the friends Uncle introduced has opened thousands of five -star hotels around the world. When the time comes, I can work closely with them.”

Brennan said meaningfully, “ Don’t be in a hurry. Buy a few pots of land in the country and make a large-scale paradise resort first. Then, you can build a resort brand and go international. I can help you with the technology and introduce companies to you.”

“Uncle, you’re amazing.” Catherine was full of admiration.

She spent the next hour discussing the plans for the resort with Brennan.

Shaun sat at the side in boredom, dryly watching their exchange while unable to join in.

Brennan had completely stolen his thunder.

He was very depressed. He used to be the richest man in the country, but now, it was like he was an uneducated lad.

After talking until 8:30 p.m. Brennan noticed Shaun’s bitter eyes and smiled. “ If we continue to ignore a certain someone, he might not bring you here next time.”

Only then did Catherine notice Shaun’s unhappy and handsome face.

She smiled awkwardly. “Your father is amazing. ”

“… Heh. Cathy, how many times have you praised my dad tonight?” Shaun was upset. “At least seven or eight times by now.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. Are you jealous of your dad?” Catherine was amused. “Isn’t praising your dad the same as praising you? You’re very lucky to have a dad like him.”

“What should I be thankful for? My luck has never had anything to do with my parents.” Shaun’s eyes were complicated. “ I know how to do everything that my dad said just now, but you never talk about your ideas to me. Cathy, do you look down on me now?”

Catherine’s sweat dripped. She had just talked a little with his dad, but he made it seem like a serious problem and as if she was looking down on him. “How would I know if you know stuff like that?”

“If you don’t communicate with me, how would you know if I know or not?” Shaun disputed.

“Why should I communicate with you? Have you forgotten how you used to lose your temper with me? I won’t even want to talk to you. Also, we just got back together today!”