Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1297

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1297 – The next day.

Suzie and Lucas were very surprised when they woke up.

“ I thought scummy dad would sneak in again after we fell asleep, but he didn’t this time, ” Lucas said in amazement.

Suzie snorted. “The door was locked. How could he get in?”

Lucas laughed dryly. He did not think that the lock was useful against people like his scummy dad.

“Okay, sweethearts, go wash your faces and brush your teeth.”

Catherine coaxed the two little rascals to wash up.

Downstairs, Shaun was already in the kitchen helping Aunty Yasmine make breakfast.

When they were eating breakfast, Old Madam Hill looked at Shaun in the kitchen and said with some disdain, “What’s he doing in the kitchen? His

cooking isn’t good anyway.”

“That’s right. I almost died after eating the pasta he cooked before, ” Old Master Hill also attacked bluntly.

Suzie and Lucas told Aunty Yasmine directly, “ Aunty Yasmine, we’ll eat what you made, not what scummy dad cooked.”

Catherine only managed to hold back her laughter by desperately holding it back.

Actually, the food cooked by Shaun was not that bad. It was just mediocre, so people would not feel like eating more. When compared to Aunty Yasmine’s food, no one would want to eat his cooking.

Aunty Yasmine smiled at the children. “Don’t worry, your dad isn’t cooking for you. He’s only making a plate of ravioli that’s full of love.”

At those words, everyone looked at Catherine with ambiguous gazes.

Catherine was embarrassed. “It might also be for the children.”

“We won’t eat it.” Lucas and Suzie shook their heads.

Just then, Shaun came out with piping hot ravioli. “ Cathy, I made this for you. Try it.”

He put the plate in front of her with an expectant face. There was even a heart-shaped egg on top of the ravioli.

Suzie exclaimed. “Why is the egg heart —shaped? It’s my first time seeing this.”

Shaun grinned. “You’ll have someone make it for you when you grow up.”

Suzie was confused. “Why do I have to grow up first?”

Old Madam Hill chuckled. “You’re too young to understand.”

However, Lucas frowned and looked at Shaun silently.

“Cathy, eat it while it’s hot.” Shaun blew the food. “ I got up early in the morning to make this.”

“ I can testify, ” Aunty Yasmine said quickly, “He’s been in the kitchen for an hour.”

Faced with the Hill family’s eyes, Catherine could only buckle up and try the food. The taste was neither good nor bad, but she still preferred to eat the breakfast made by Aunty Yasmine.

However, after eating Shaun’s ravioli, she was full.

“It’s good, right?” Shaun smiled. “ I’ll make more for you if you come tomorrow.”

Lea snickered. “If you say that, maybe she won’ t dare to come anymore.”

“Mom…” Shaun glared at her in displeasure.

“You’re too confident in your cooking, ” Lea spat at him, “I gave birth to you and your cooking skills are the same as mine. We’re both unskilled.”

“Don’t compare me to you.” Shaun counter- attacked and turned back to Catherine. “Cathy, ignore her.”

Catherine took a sip of soy milk to calm herself down. “ It’s the thought that matters, but I’ll eat Aunty Yasmine’s breakfast next time. You don’t need to work so hard.”