Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1292

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1292 – “ I just praised that celebrity for being handsome once. Do you have to go on and on about it?” Catherine’s head hurt from his words.

Shaun used to speak a lot less. Now, he was more and more talkative.

“No, you praised him three times.” Shaun counted with his fingers. “He’s so handsome. He’s too handsome. How can he be so handsome?”

“ I don’t like you doing that. Besides, you’ve never praised me like that before.” Shaun looked at her with a grumpy and bitter expression.

Catherine felt as though she had gotten struck by lightning.

She nearly suspected that he had been possessed by a spirit.

She had to admit that having an incredibly handsome man acting grumpy was, ahem, very hard to resist.

Especially a person like Shaun. He was clearly a man, but his eyes were large and his eyelashes were thick.

“You’re more childish than Suzie…” she said in exasperation.

Shaun immediately started to wax poetic. “The French novelist Balzac said that love is our second transformation. Love is like bringing us back to childhood. When I see you now, I feel like I’ve become a boy again—naive, pure, childish, naughty “Alright, alright. Stop. I get it.” Catherine was going to faint.

Shaun ignored her and continued, “Wilful, mischievous…

“Mmh— ”

Before he could finish, Catherine yanked his collar and blocked his lips with hers.

Sure enough, Shaun fell silent the next second. His dark eyes blinked.

His woman was so domineering that his heart was pounding.

“Shaun, baby, please stop talking.” Catherine’s

wide and charming eyes twinkled teasingly.

No matter how shameless Shaun’s face was, his face still turned red.

He was already 30, but he was still being called a baby.

What should he do? He did not feel like he was 30 at all. He felt like he was 18.

“Ahem. Weren’t you guys supposed to be cooking crayfish?” Freya’s voice sounded abruptly at the door.

Catherine’s face went hot as she immediately pushed Shaun away.

Shaun stumbled back two steps and saw Catherine stammer out an explanation while blushing, “… I am. Don’t you see that… I’m cooking it with the pot covered?”

“I know. The waiting time was long, so you sneaked in a k**s in between. I didn’t mean to intrude. I just came over to have a look because I smelled the fragrance. You two continue, I won’t disturb you.” Freya retreated tactfully and even closed the door considerately.

When she lay down on the sofa to continue eating melon seeds, she felt lonely once more.

It was lonely to eat melon seeds alone.

It was extremely lonely for a pregnant woman to eat melon seeds alone.

Poor thing. As a single pregnant woman, she suddenly wanted to get into a sweet relationship.

However… D**n it! It was all that b*stard Rodney’s fault for getting her pregnant.

Rodney had better never fall into her hands, or she would torture him to d***h.

In the kitchen.

The only sound was of the crayfish boiling in the pot.

Catherine’s face b****d, and her mind was on fire. She had acted shamelessly.