Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1286

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1286 – “Freya, you’re here. Have you eaten breakfast?” Old Master Snow waved while smiling. “Didn’t you say last time that you like to eat the scones Aunty Layla makes? I asked her to make them for you. They’re still piping hot.”

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Freya took her seat naturally. She started eating the delicious scones.

After Rodney saw this, he felt more miserable.

After he was born, he became popular in the Snow family. He was everybody’s favorite wherever he went.

Now… He had brought everything upon himself.

“Grandpa…” Rodney called out softly.

It was as if Old Master Snow finally remembered his existence. He said to Freya, “Freya, aren’t you very curious as to why he suddenly came back to kneel and apologize? He was dumped by Sarah a few days ago.”

“No wonder… ” After Freya swallowed the scone, she sighed.

“Yes, no wonder, right? No wonder he suddenly came back.” Old Master Snow flashed an unpredictable smile and said, “He must be treating this place like a hotel. He can stay here if he wants to and leave when he doesn’t want to anymore. You young people nowadays are so clear about what you want and don’t want. Anyway, we can make him come back sooner or later if we beg him and care about him, right?”

Rodney’s head was almost buried in his chest from his grandfather’s sarcasm. He was so ashamed.“ Grandpa, it’s okay even if you don’t let me return to the Snow family. I’m kneeling here today because I want to admit to my mistakes. I want to apologize to you all for my stupidity in the past. I was blind before. I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Wendy sighed.

Old Master Snow sneered. “Let me ask you. If it weren’t for Sarah not wanting you anymore, would you have come to realize the truth? You might’ve gone against us your whole life for her, right?”

“I’m sorry…” Rodney’s face flushed red from being criticized. He could only say that one sentence.

Jason could not help but say, “Your grandpa and I have much more experience in life than you. We said Sarah wasn’t good. But you? You thought we were framing her. We’re already so old. Do we need to frame her? You believed in everything Sarah said.

We brought you up, yet you were willing to abandon your parents who raised you for the sake of a woman.”

“Dad, I won’t do it again in the future.” Rodney was utterly embarrassed from being scolded. “I had never thought of abandoning you guys. I thought I could fulfill my duties as a son again after some time when your anger has subsided.”

Jason sneered. “After entering the house for so long, have you apologized to Freya and the baby in her stomach? In the past, you forced her to go to the hospital to have an a******n because of Sarah. That baby almost died, you ungrateful b*stard.”

Rodney’s face paled from the scolding.

He recalled the picture of the ultrasound Chester gave to him. That baby was almost gone.

As he thought about it, he thought that he was too cruel in the past.

His gaze slowly moved toward Freya.

Freya, who was having scones, did not expect that she would get involved in the argument. She quickly put down her fork and said with a serious

tone, “You don’t have to apologize to me. The baby in my stomach has nothing to do with you at all.”

Rodney’s lips moved. “In the past, I—” “Stop right there.”

Freya raised her hand. She turned her head to Old Master Snow and said, “Grandpa, although I don’t understand why you called me here, I still wish to make clear some things. Everything that happened between Rodney and me in the past happened by mistake. I already had no feelings for this utterly irresponsible person from the moment he forced me to have an a******n. I have no opinion if he wants to return to the Snow family, but… my kid will have nothing to do with him because he’s unworthy.”

She said that very calmly and indifferently.

Rodney’s face heated up upon hearing those words. He desperately wanted to dig a hole and hide inside it. “Grandpa, I’m done eating. I still have some things to do later, so I’ll be leaving first.” Freya stood up elegantly with composure.