Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1272

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1272 – When everyone was having breakfast together in the morning, Catherine was slightly embarrassed.

Despite being aware that she had spent the night, no one talked about it.

When Shaun was eating oatmeal, he would sneeze and cough from time to time.

Old Madam Hill said disdainfully, “Take your bowl and eat over there. Don’t infect old people like us and the kids.”

After looking at everyone’s expression that indicated approval of Old Madam Hill’s suggestion, Shaun felt extremely upset.

It turned out that he was so insignificant in this house.

Everyone held him in contempt simply because of his cold.

Anyway, he ended up eating alone in the living room for the sake of the kids.

When he turned around, he heard Old Madam Hill grumble, “He’s already so weak even though he’s young. Aunty Yasmine, prepare some pomegranate juice for him tonight.”

Shaun nearly choked on the porridge that he was about to s*****w.

Now that he had caught a cold, he thought it was not a good idea for him to drink pomegranate juice.

Also, why pomegranate juice? He somehow felt that his grandmother had misunderstood him.

Catherine was utterly embarrassed, but all she could do was act calm.

Unexpectedly, Suzie chimed in, “Great-grandma, I want to drink it too.”

“That isn’t meant for kids, ” Old Madam Hill said, “ It’s for adults to improve their health.”

“Oh, I didn’t know scummy dad is so weak.” Suzie despised Shaun as well.

When Catherine finally finished her breakfast, she bid goodbye to the kids and left at once.

Since she did not drive here, Shaun sent her home.

When the car drove off, she saw the two darling kids standing still. Suzie even pouted and teared up.

Her heart clenched with pain all of a sudden.

If it were not for Wesley, the kids would not be hiding here without attending kindergarten.

If it were not for Wesley, Catherine would not have placed her kids here and neglected them.

For the first time, she hated Wesley so much.

She also hated herself to the core, wondering why she ever met him and got involved with him.

Was it because she had done something evil in her last life?

“Cathy, you can always come and visit the kids whenever you miss them.” Shaun spotted the sorrowful look in the depths of her eyes. “You can move in as well. My family will always welcome you.”

Catherine shot a distressed look at him. “Of course, you’d wish I’d move in so that you could pester me every night.”

“Cathy, I just want the four of us to stay together. What’s more, the kids really miss you.” Shaun shrugged, looking innocent. “I understand your feelings. You’re more inclined to come over if I’m the only one staying with the kids. But I need to work during the day, and the kids feel bored at

home. With the company of my grandparents, both my grandparents and the kids will be happier.”

“I didn’t even complain about it…” Catherine lowered her head.

Shaun’s eyes flashed with a hint of gentleness. He wore a mask for the rest of the journey. He occasionally coughed while he spoke.