Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1271

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1271 – “Stop talking.” Catherine lifted her head and kissed him back.

Shaun felt like a young man again and shuddered.

It felt as though he had eaten something sweet, like honey.

Barn! All of a sudden, he was ruthlessly kicked to the carpet.

“Mommy, what was that noise?” Lucas woke up with a start, while Suzie continued sleeping like a baby.

“Nothing. I flung some trash onto the floor just now. You can continue sleeping.” Catherine touched Lucas gently.

Lucas vaguely uttered, “Mhm.” He then fell asleep again.

With a sulky expression, Shaun got up while feeling annoyed and glowered at Catherine. “Am I trash?”

“It serves you right. You refused to budge even after I told you to get lost, ” Catherine said in a self-righteous manner.

Shaun continued to look at her fixedly. Dressed in silk pajamas, she was unaware that she had revealed a large part of her fair flesh below her collarbone as she was sleeping on her side.

His Adam’s apple bobbed. He was set on staying here tonight even if he were to d*e.

“Cathy, I just can’t bring myself to leave you, ” Shaun grumbled, “Stop giving me a hard time, okay?”

“Are you planning to leave?” Catherine asked.

“No, I’m not.” Shaun shook his head. “Wherever you sleep, I’ll sleep there.”

“… Suit yourself, but don’t think about getting onto the bed. You can sleep on the floor,” Catherine replied coldly.

“Okay. I don’t mind as long as we’re sleeping in the same bedroom.” With that, Shaun lay on the floor.

To Catherine, he was a real pain in the neck.

With fall drawing nearer, he might easily catch a cold if he were to lie on the floor at night without a blanket, though it was scorching hot during the day.

“Cathy, you can sleep. Don’t worry about me. I’m strong, so I won’t catch a cold.” Shaun grinned at her.

Catherine promptly bit her tongue. “You’re overthinking. I can’ t be bothered about you. Suit yourself.”

Once she finished speaking, she tucked herself into bed and ignored him.

After dealing with the fuss, she was incredibly sleepy.

Shortly after, she fell asleep again.

The next day, Catherine woke up to Suzie’s yell. “ Scummy dad, why are you sleeping on the floor? You look so miserable. When did you come in? Why didn’t you sleep on your bed?”

“I didn’t want to sleep alone.” Shaun sat up and shuddered.

He did not expect last night to be so cold.

Lucas said mercilessly, “How childish of you. You’re not a kid! ”

Shaun did not take his remark to heart. “Lucas, you’ll understand it in the future. A man in love is a kid.”

Suzie belched. “How disgusting he is, Mommy.”

“Yes, he’s pretty disgusting. ” Catherine nodded in agreement.

Shaun rose to his feet, feeling aggrieved. When he was about to speak, his nose suddenly itched and he sneezed twice in a row.

“Scummy dad, are you having a cold? Suzie asked sympathetically.

“Don’t infect the kids.” Catherine merely thought he was being dramatic.

“Alright. I’ll get out right now.” Shaun was stung by her warning.

While covering his nose, he walked out the door and happened to bump into Lea.

Lea darted a teasing glance at him. “Good job! You managed to sleep in there so soon.”

Shaun laughed at how Lea thought so highly of him. In fact, he had spent the night sleeping on the floor.