Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1269

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1269 – “… Pass me the hairdryer.” Catherine felt awkward when Shaun gazed at her. With that, she subconsciously made the gap at the door smaller.

“What are you trying to hide? Didn’t I bathe you a few days ago? I’ve seen every part of you.” Shaun’s eyes darkened, and he raised his brows. “Why do you need a hairdryer? Didn’t I just pass you clean clothes?”

He even got her new panties.

“None of your business.” Catherine glowered at him grumpily. “Are you getting the hairdryer for me?”

“Yes. Since my wife requested it, I’ll surely obey.” Shaun promptly passed her the hairdryer with a grin.

After Catherine took it, she slammed the door shut.

Despite spending a long time drying her undergarments using the hairdryer, she realized that it was too wet to dry completely.

Ultimately, she had no choice but to blow dry her hair before she walked out. Due to Shaun’s presence, she awkwardly covered her chest with her dirtied clothes.

After throwing her a glance, Shaun soon grasped the situation. He laughed and said, “We’re already very close. Why are you so shy?”

“ .. I’m not as shameless as you! ” Catherine told him off gloomily, “Help me get a coat from your mom. I can’t possibly go home like this.”

Even if she could leave like this without the Hill family realizing it, Joel and the servants were in the Yule family’s house. It was really inappropriate for her to look like this.

“Since it’s already so late, just stay here tonight and accompany Suzie and Lucas to sleep. If you eave, they’ll be unhappy.” Shaun reached out to

her. “Let’s sleep here. I’ll dry your clothes for you.”

“No way. It’s inappropriate for me to stay here,” Catherine said furiously, “I haven’t divorced Wesley. Plus, this is the Hills’ household. Your grandparents are here. How can I possibly stay here?”

Shaun smiled vaguely. “No one believes that nothing is going on between us anyway. Don’t forget that you kissed me in a domineering manner in front of the reporters the day you were discharged. As the eldest young lady of the Jones family, do you even care about what others think? What’s more, even if others find out about it, so what? All kinds of nasty remarks have been posted o n the internet anyway.”

Catherine knitted her brows together. Even though what he said made sense. “But…”

“No buts. If you leave tonight, Suzie, that little girl, will definitely cry. Furthermore, you’re their mom. You can’ t abandon them and leave them to me, ” Shaun interrupted her bluntly.

Catherine’s spirits sank. “How am I abandoning them?”

“Well, how long haven’t you eaten with them? How long haven’t you told them bedtime stories? How long haven’t you accompanied them to sleep?” Shaun asked.

Catherine went silent in an instant, and her face felt hot.

Shaun looked grave. “Cathy, I’ve long since wanted to tell you something. You said you want to risk staying by Wesley’s side in order to find out the cause of Ethan’s d***h. But have you thought about

how Wesley will treat you if he finds out the truth? Did you take the two kids into consideration? Are you under the impression that since they’ve acknowledged me as their dad, there’s nothing to worry about because they’ll have someone to look after them even after you’re gone?”

Catherine bit her lip in spite of herself. Admittedly, it was because of Shaun that she could do everything without worries and even risk her life.

“Sure enough…”

At the sight of her expression, Shaun knew what it meant. “Cathy, you think too highly of me. If you’re not around one day or something happens to you, will I be in the mood to take care of the kids after losing my beloved?”

“Shaun, weren’t you very glad to have kids previously? Now that you have these kids, you should cherish them and fulfill your duty as a father, ” Catherine said helplessly.

“ I’m glad to have these kids only because you’re the one who gave birth to them.”

Shaun said sternly, “I love them because of you. If you’re gone, I’ll probably d***n my sorrows every day and lead my life in a daze. I won’t even want to get sober, much less make money to raise the kids. ”


His words made Catherine’s blood boil. At the same time, she was beside herself. There was a feeling that could not be explained.

“Cathy, I just want to remind you that you can investigate the truth. But the bottom line is that you need to treasure your life.” With a serious expression, Shaun added, “Although you’re responsible for Ethan’s d***h, you don’t have to shoulder all of the responsibility. After all, Ethan was the one who failed to see through the devil and worked for him. By the way, how dare you make Ethan’s d***h your top priority. If Suzie and Lucas find out, they’ll be very upset.”