Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1262

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1262 – General Manager Wolfe raised his thumb. “You’re truly brilliant and resolute. I’m sure Hudson will rise to international heights under your leadership. “Don’t say that.” Catherine’s face darkened.“ General Manager Wolfe, what happened to you guys? All of you are like brown nosers now.”

“No, Chairwoman Jones. You’re currently a well- known figure in Australia. Everyone knows your name, and the public has been paying attention to everything you do,” General Manager Wolfe replied with a smile.

Catherine sighed, feeling mentally exhausted. “ Enough. I understand. Do keep an eye on our company’s employees because Charlie’s spy is definitely among us. When Shaun came to my office to look for me last time, Charlie arrived right after him.”

“Alright.” When General Manager Wolfe walked to the door, he could not help looking back with anticipation. “Chairwoman Jones, I’ll be waiting for

your big news at six o’clock.” Catherine was speechless.

If she did not announce anything later, was she going to be beaten to d***h on the streets?”

At 6:00 p.m., Catherine turned on her phone to have a look, only to find herself having more than 30 million followers.

She shared a video of Wesley and Regina after sorting it out. Compared to the one shared earlier, this video clearly showed Wesley’s perverted character.

Of course, she wrote a caption as well. [Some people might call me horrible for planting a mini camera in my partner’s office, but you guys haven’t seen people who are more horrible than me. From the moment I started living with Wesley, there have been surveillance cameras at every corner of his villa, including the living room, bedroom, dining room, and corridors. I learned this trick from him. I just wanted to have a better understanding of his real character. This goes to show that one can’t necessarily tell whether a person is a hypocrite even after a long time.]

Sure enough, it triggered a heated discussion again after the netizens saw the post.

[After watching the video, I don’t know what to say anymore. I used to think of Wesley as a gentleman!]

[I think Wesley might’ve suppressed his feelings for too long, that’s why he turned into a p*****t. Did you guys see his facial expression? He looked ferocious.]

[Thankfully, the video is pixelated. Otherwise, it would’ve filled me with total disgust.]

[Is he really in love with Catherine? If he is, why is he fooling around with his secretary? He doesn’t know his place at all.]

[My G*d! Is this for real? Their house is full of surveillance cameras?! Did he marry his wife or is he keeping an eye on a criminal?]

[All of a sudden, I sympathize with Catherine. How unfortunate of her to have Wesley fall for her.]

[Ah, I’d rather look at Shaun. Unlike the hypocritical Wesley, at least Shaun is openly scummy.]

When Catherine was reading the netizens’ comments, Shaun called her. “Come down. I’m downstairs.”

Ten minutes later, she got into Shaun’s car.

Shaun would turn around and look at her with a frown from time to time.

“Can you stay focused while driving? Otherwise, I’ll be too scared to get into your car next time,” Catherine reminded him in a huff.

Shaun promptly looked at the front of the road seriously. However, his brows had not relaxed. “Is it true that Wesley’s villa is full of surveillance cameras?”


“Could he have set one up in the bathroom as well?” Shaun suddenly asked.

“ .. No.” Catherine’s pretty face fell. “ Is that why you kept staring at me just now?”

“Ahem. Just in case he threatens you with those photos. ” Shaun kept a somber expression. “Wesley is such a p*****t. When did you become aware of it? How could you continue living with him for so long?”

“ Soon after Ethan passed away.” Catherine gazed impassively out of the window.