Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1258

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1258 – “…Fine,” Catherine finally gave in. Her son and daughter were her beloved.

Shaun was very pleased. “Then I’ll tell Aunty Yasmine to buy more groceries and cook what you like.”

Catherine rolled her eyes at him.

Did he think that she was as thick-skinned as him?

They were already divorced, but she was going to the Hill family for dinner. What would others think of her?

“Aunty Yasmine always talks about you.” Shaun ignored her glare and added enthusiastically, “She misses you a lot.”

Catherine’s heart warmed. At that time, Aunty Yasmine always helped her. “ She’s still around?”

“Always has been. After Hill Manor was sold, many servants were dispersed, but Aunty Yasmine stayed. She thinks of the Hill family as her home. ” Shaun bent down to fasten her seatbelt.

When he saw her slightly distracted, he took the opportunity to steal a k**s from her lips.

“Peach-flavored lipstick, ” Shaun raised his handsome brows. His elite business appearance made it so that people would find him doing such a thing completely unexpected.

Catherine’s cheeks could not help but burst with hot air.

She was already completely exasperated at this scoundrelly leech. “Hurry up and drive. I have a meeting.”

Shaun’s eyes brightened.

He thought that she would glare at him or scold him.

However, nothing happened. Did she get a little used to it?

This could be considered… a good development, right?

“Okay, I’ll be sure to get you to the office within half an hour, wife.”

Shaun got into the driver’s seat happily.

Catherine gritted her teeth. “Shaun Hill, don’t be so shameless. I’m not your wife.”

“Can you be my wife if I’m not shameless?” he retorted.

“In your dreams,” she sneered back.

Shaun smiled and shrugged. “You won’t be my wife if I’m not shameless, but if I’m shameless, I can still call you my wife. In that case, I’d rather be shameless.”

Catherine. “….”

Forget it. She could not argue with him. She would go crazy with anger.

Catherine simply closed her eyes.

After arriving at the company, Shaun drove all the way into the parking lot.

Suddenly, a blue sports car sped towards them with a boom.

Catherine looked over and saw that it was Wesley’s sports car.

Shaun frowned, but he unhurriedly let the car rush at him without hiding.

Just as the car was about to hit him, the blue sports car suddenly braked.

Wesley slammed the door as he got out. His elegant face was full of rage and he strode to the passenger seat and opened the door. “Catherine Jones, come out. You b*tch. You’re not divorced yet you’re already showing up with Shaun. You make me sick.”

“Wesley, are you trying to pick a fight with me? ”

Shaun got out of the car immediately and grabbed Wesley’s wrist. “Sure. Don’t you like beating people up? You could even beat a woman until she’s black and blue. Come on, fight me today. I want to see how good you are.”

“Who do you think you are, Shaun Hill? Are you worthy for me to beat up?