Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1248

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1248 – Shaun’s doting gaze stared at her, and the smile in his eyes was as sweet as honey.

“I don’t blame you. How can Senator Mead compare with you? He’s just a bald old man, and his daughter is just a bean that’s been chewed thousands of times abroad. As for you…”

His gaze stopped on a certain area of her body. “It’s nice that it’s big. A peerless beauty, right? Only one in the entire world.”

“…P*****t.” Catherine felt his crooked gaze.

She blushed and hurriedly pulled the quilt up while glaring at him.

“Those were your words.” Shaun chuckled and shrugged. “Cathy, I quite like the way you looked just now, domineering and jealous.”

“Who’s jealous? I just don’t like Hannah using me as a threat.” Catherine snapped at him. “Even when I was chasing a man back then, I wasn’t tasteless like Hannah. Being shameless is one thing, but not knowing where to draw the line is another.”

“Yup, I also dislike her, but… We probably offended her just now, and she would really say it to the public. If someone with the Mead family reputation spreads the rumor, your reputation would…” Shaun hesitated to speak.

Catherine frowned at him. “Shaun Hill, why are you becoming more and more indecisive? Hannah even threatened you just now. Where’s your once decisiveness and ruthlessness?”

Embarrassment washed over Shaun’s handsome face. “ I had no weaknesses before, but now, you, Suzie, and Lucas are my weaknesses.”

Catherine looked at him with her clear eyes for a moment before she said, “Shaun, I don’t like being threatened. You’re Lucas and Suzie’s dad, so I don’t like you being threatened easily either. Money and fame are fleeting. Since I came to Canberra, I’ve always been in the public’s limelight with too many people scolding me. But what about it? How can they affect me besides scolding me online? If worse comes to worst, I’ll take the children and leave Australia. The world is so huge. Why do I have to be subject to those people?”

Shaun was a little taken aback.

He suddenly realized that he did not understand how much she had changed.

However, her calm and indifferent attitude towards the future made him feel ashamed.

“You’re right, Cathy. If worse comes to worst, I’ll leave with you. If Australia has no place for us, we can live in other countries. I’m proficient in four or five foreign languages, so I can still earn money.” Shaun smiled.

“I didn’t say I would bring you with me.” Catherine glanced at him.

“Even if you don’t bring me, I’ll follow you on my own. I have legs.” Shaun grinned.

Catherine was speechless.

“Okay, it’s time to eat. I can’t let you starve.”

Shaun stood up.

That afternoon, when Catherine got up from her nap to check her phone, [Hannah Mead’s confession

] was on the top of the trending search.

She clicked on it to see that when Hannah was attending an event hosted by a high-end brand, the reporter asked her, “Ms. Mead, I heard that at your birthday party, Wesley Lyon’s wife, Catherine Jones, sneaked around in the washroom with Shaun Hill. Is this true? Did you hear about this?”

Hannah smiled sadly. “That matter is the unhappiest thing that has ever happened to me. I even fought with Catherine over it. I didn’t think it’d turn out like that. It’s all my fault, and I shouldn’t have invited Shaun. He saved me a few days before that, so I was quite grateful for him, but I didn’t expect that… he and Catherine would do that. It’s no wonder I couldn’t find him the entire night.”

The reporter was startled. “Ms. Mead, do you like…”

“That’s enough. She won’t be answering personal questions.” Before Hannah could speak, the bodyguard behind her had gone up and stopped the reporter.

The reporter was also afraid of Hannah’s identity and did not follow up on the question.

However, that part was already enough for the netizens to create a heated discussion.