Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1245

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However, it was useless. The lost life would never come back.

In the ward.

Catherine did not say a word. Pain was written all over her beautiful little face.

Shaun carefully peeled oranges on the side. He understood that Charity was a wound for her.

Now, no apology would be useful. The damage was already done, so he could only make up for it.

“Cathy, you and I will dig out the truth of that year so that the real culprits can be punished by law.” Shaun peeled a slice of orange and gave it to her.

“I have no appetite, ” Catherine said faintly. “I didn’t say all that just to blame you. I blame myself too. If I had been smarter back then, I wouldn’t

have let Wesley frame Charity. I even got married to the person who hurt my friend.”

“It’s not your fault. Wesley is too hypocritical. I even used to think of him as a l***r.”

Shaun mocked himself while comforting her.

For the next two days, Catherine stayed in the hospital.

She did not read the news on her phone, so she did not see the overwhelming insults against her on the Internet.

She could handle it, but Freya could not.

The criticism made her furious. When she saw Catherine, she started cursing the moment she came in the door. “Those people on the Internet don’t know sh*t. They believe all sorts of rumors. I’m infuriated. Wesley is too vicious. The most hateful thing is that the police only locked him up for five days. He got just five days for beating you up like this. Aren’t you mad about it?”

“There’s no helping it. He turned himself in, and he has a good attitude. Besides, the Internet is siding with him too, so the police won’t dare to give him such harsh punishment, ” Catherine said coldly.

“Why don’t you make a few statements? Just swear at them like they’re doing to you. Wesley is really amazing. He’s been on the trending search for a few

days, and the heat hasn’t died down at all.” Freya’s heart ached as she said, “You’re just like how I was back then. You’ll be pelted with eggs if you walk outside.”

“It’s not like I’ve never been scolded before. When I was abducted by Shaun back then, I was pointed at wherever I went. I’m used to it.”

Catherine said indifferently, “The only difference is being scolded fiercely and scolded even more fiercely.”

“But your company’s stock has been dropping… ” Freya looked worried.

“That’s even less important. I’m the only shareholder of the company anyway. So even if the stocks fall, it’s just my money.” Catherine was calm.

Freya really wanted to give her a big thumbs up in admiration.

That mentality was simply unbeatable.

“By the way, how’s your pregnancy?” Catherine asked in concern.

“It’s fine. I’ve just been vomiting a lot recently and don’t have a good appetite.” Freya leaned into Catherine’s ear and glanced at Shaun who was cooking in the kitchen. “How are things going with you two? Are you getting back together? Also, does he know how to cook? Will he b**n your kitchen down?”

Catherine’s expression grew complicated.

She did not know how to describe her situation with Shaun either. These days, he has been taking care of her from morning till night instead of going to the company.

He even washed her clothes and cooked her meals.

Although it could not be considered delicious, she could tell that he was attentive, and it did not taste a s bad as before.

However, getting back together with Shaun?

She still could not act as if nothing had happened in the past.