Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1242

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1242 – “Shaun Hill, would you like to be beaten up?”

Catherine was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. She did not know how she got the strength to, but she grabbed the bouquet of flowers by the side and smashed it on his head.

Shaun covered his head from the assault and hurriedly dodged backward.

Chester came in just in time to see this scene and raised his brows teasingly. “It seems you’re recovering quickly.”

Catherine gloomily took a few deep breaths and used the quilt to cover her face.

“What’s up with her? ” Seeing her like this made Chester look at Shaun curiously.

It was like he saw a ghost. Shaun was clearly beaten, yet his smile was amorous and sweet, as if he just ate honey.

“Did a few screws in your head loosen because of the beating?” Chester mocked in exasperation.

“A superficial and feminine guy like you wouldn’t understand.” Shaun glanced at him with disdain.

Chester was speechless.

He would not understand? He had dated more women than his fingers could count, but Shaun said that he would not understand?

Forget it. Chester could not be bothered to bicker with him. After handing over the medicine, he said, “Feed it to her three times a day. I’m leaving.”

He still had some self-awareness. He knew he had treated Catherine badly before, and since Catherine found Cindy disagreeable too, she did not like him either.

After he turned and left, he suddenly heard Shaun ask, “Cathy, I heard from Logan that Charity was also framed by Wesley. What happened?”

The name ‘Charity’ made his long legs stop involuntarily.

Catherine could not be bothered to explain it to him at first. However, when she saw Chester stopped there, her heart moved slightly, and she could not help but say, “Would you believe me if I told you? You didn’t believe what I said three years ago.”

“ I was foolish back then. From now on, I’ll believe everything you say, even if you say Chester swings the other way.” Shaun’s desire for survival was very strong.

Chester glared at Shaun with a dark, expressionless face. “I finally know what it means to have your brother choose a woman over you.”

Shaun said shamelessly, “I once suffered a big loss because I didn’t listen to my wife. I’ve learned my lesson now.”

Catherine snapped at him. “Let me remind you that

I’m not your wife anymore.”

“Cathy, let’s get down to business.” Shaun immediately put on a straight face. “My brain is too slow-witted and can’t figure a lot of things out. I still need you to wake me up.”

Chester was speechless. Shaun was so shameless now that even Chester spurned him.