Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1232

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1232 – “But…”

He stopped for a moment. He raised his eyebrows menacingly, “I can leave you be, but can you leave me be?”

Catherine looked at him in confusion.

“I know you’re very strong, and you can tolerate things very well. I’ve witnessed it myself. That’s why I’ve increased the dosage by a lot tonight. You may be able to stay conscious now, but later, you’ll be in a blur. You won’t even recognize who I am.

You’ll become like a cat in heat, with no rationality at all.”

Wesley faked a smile and said, “I’m looking forward to you throwing yourself on me later.”

Catherine looked like she was at a complete loss.

She could feel the heat in her body getting stronger wave after wave. It was like countless ants were biting her. She felt extremely uncomfortable.

She even had to breathe in big breaths.

It was as if every pore was about to explode.

Wesley just sat by her side silently, looking as she bit her lip hard until it tore and dug her fingers into herself with all her strength. However, her face kept getting redder.

Her gaze on him was getting hotter too.

“Babe, you have to control yourself. ” Wesley teased her, taking pleasure in her suffering.

“You… B*stard.” Catherine felt like everything in front of her eyes was becoming a blur.

She wanted so badly to take a cold shower, but her body was tied up tightly.


The door of the room was finally kicked open.

Logan barged in straight away, and Catherine let out a mental sigh when she saw him.

Luckily… she dragged out some time for Logan to finally get here.

“Wesley, you even fcking hit women. You b stard.” Seeing that Catherine was hurt, Logan rushed in and fought Wesley.

“Logan, do you think you alone can save her? In your dreams.” Wesley did not expect Logan to appear so suddenly, but he paid no attention to Logan at all.

“Of course, I know I can’t bring her out alone. However, if I don’t bring her out within 15 minutes, Austin will call the police.” Logan sneered and said, “It’ll surely be interesting if the police come over and see this scene.”

Wesley’s expression changed. “I’m afraid even if I let you take her away, you guys will still call the police afterward. In that case, I should just keep you guys here. When the police ask about it, I can say that you were the one who trapped my wife and harbored bad intentions toward her. Look at her unconscious right now. If she pounces on you later, the scene will be quite interesting. Haha.”

“Shameless.” Logan hated Wesley so much. “ Wesley, as long as you let us go today, we’ll act as if today’s incident never happened.”

“Do you think I’ll believe you?”

Unknowingly, they both have fought for seven or eight minutes.

Logan obviously did not expect Wesley’s defensive skills to be so good. However, he was not worried that the group of Neah Bay killers would come.

That was because it was Wesley’s house. If those people appeared, there would be no explaining it for Wesley if the police saw them.

That was also why Logan dared to barge in.

Seeing as he was pressed for time, Logan finally found an opening and kicked Wesley’s chest.

As Wesley was pushed back a few steps, Logan immediately rushed over and cut open Catherine’s ropes. Then, he pointed the knife at Wesley.

“Wesley, you’re not my opponent. If you come closer, believe it or not, I’ll k**l you. You should be clear about my identity. I’m not afraid of d***h, let alone going to j**l.”

Wesley clenched his jaw. He glanced at Catherine, whose face was flushed red, and clenched his fists in discontent.

Everything was almost in his grasp, yet an accident just had to happen.

“Get lost,” he roared.

Catherine may have escaped him today, but once his plans were complete, squashing people like Logan, Catherine, or Shaun would be like squashing an ant.

However, it was not yet time for him to d*e.

Logan let out a sigh of relief. Luckily, Wesley was a person who feared d***h.