Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1221

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1221 – In the end, Sarah planned to brush Shaun off with a few hundred million dollars. Was she treating him like a beggar?

Rodney’s aggressive attitude caused Sarah to grow impatient. “Rodney, I hate Shaun. I can’t possibly return so much money to him and allow him to make a comeback. What’s more, I need to pay ten percent of the attorney’s fees. You know nothing.”

Rodney looked utterly perplexed.

Although Sarah was beside her, he suddenly, for some reason, felt that he did not understand her well.

Perhaps he was overthinking it. Sarah could just be moody after being hurt by Shaun.

Nevertheless, he was inexplicably averse to the current Sarah.

“Just drop me at the mall in front. I want to buy something and spend some time alone.” Sarah cocked her head and gazed out the window.

Ever since she got together with Wesley, she was increasingly disgusted by Rodney.

Even so, she could not let go of Rodney, her supporter, yet.

Rodney pursed his lips dejectedly.

From her tone, he knew that Sarah did not need him to accompany her to the mall.

He dropped his gaze in annoyance, started the car, and dropped Sarah off at the entrance of the mall.

Sarah opened the door and left directly without turning back.

Looking at her silhouette, Rodney suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

Having taken the day off to accompany her to the trial, he initially wanted to accompany her all day. Yet, she left him alone just like that.

He sat alone in the car, not knowing where to go for the first time.

He used to have Shaun, Chester, many more fair- weather friends, and siblings from the Snow family. However, he realized that his circle of friends had gotten smaller ever since the Snow family disowned him.

At this very moment, he caught sight of Wendy’s private car entering the car park.

His eyes lit up, and he quickly went after the car.

Soon, Wendy got out of the rear seat while Freya got out from the other side with her long and s**y legs wrapped in a pair of blue jeans. She was wearing an ink art shirt, and her long hair was tied i n a ponytail. At first glance, she looked like a stylish, pretty lady with graceful movements. It was hard to tell that she was nearly two months pregnant.

Rodney zoned out for two seconds before he went after them. “Mom…”

It had been a long while since he last met Wendy, who had not been answering his calls.

Wendy and Freya turned around, only to see Rodney striding toward them. His handsome face looked so pathetic that any woman would probably be swayed.

Nevertheless, Wendy and Freya were unlike any other women. Having long since been disappointed in him, Wendy pulled a long face. “Don’t call me Mom. I’ve disowned you.”

Rodney paused for an instant. Wendy continued as she dragged Freya, “Let’s go. Don’t bother about him. There’s always someone who doesn’ t know his place, trying to play up to the Snow family.

When you come across this kind of person, you’d better keep a distance.”

Rodney widened his eyes, speechless.

Her criticism made him feel like vomiting blood.