Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1219

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1219 – A complicated look washed over Rodney’s face. Shaun used to be his best buddy, but Rodney had to take Sarah’s side at this point. “Shaun…”

“Unfortunately, you’re the most disgusting person to me now.” Shaun ignored Rodney and answered Sarah.

“Dude, it’s disappointing to hear you say such a thing.” Rodney said furiously, “Even if you guys can’t be a couple, you don’t have to treat her as an enemy.”

“Rodney, you dumped your child and family for the sake of this woman. Are you happy with your life?” Shaun asked indifferently.

His words made Rodney choke. During these days, he could sense the Snow family’s unwillingness to keep any ties with him. Sometimes, he did regret it. However, now that he had reached this point, he had no alternative but to take responsibility for Sarah since he pursued her. “I don’t regret it.”

“Thanks, Rodney. ” Sarah was so touched that her eyes reddened.

The scene filled Shaun with utter disgust. He hated himself for having loved this kind of woman.

“Attorney Hill, I’ve heard so much about you. Although you’re quite famous in Australia, you might not be able to defeat me.” Stevens suddenly grinned. “If I were you, I’d think about settling it out of court.”

Shaun darted a stony glance at him. “Defeating me is a pie in the sky. Unless you can hold on until the next trial, I don’t think you’re capable.”

With that, he shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants and walked directly into the court.

Seeing his arrogant look, Stevens flew into a fury. “ Shaun, I’ll make you suffer a disastrous defeat.”

Shortly after, the trial began.

Shaun was the plaintiff as well as his own attorney, which was a rare occurrence.

After the judge made an opening statement of the case, Stevens stood up and said, “I don’t think the defendant needs to return the money to the plaintiff. The defendant has known Shaun Hill since she was eight. When she was 18, she got into a relationship with him. As everyone knows, Shaun used to suffer from mental illness, but the defendant had never looked down on him. She even studied psychology for the sake of him. She was the one who cured Shaun’s illness, yet Mr. Hill has never paid her any medical fees.”

“On top of that, Mr. Hill proposed to Sarah Neeson ten years ago, but he has yet to fulfill his promises. I seriously doubt if Shaun is playing with Sarah’s feelings and wasting her youth.”

“Secondly, when Mr. Hill gave 100 billion dollars to Sarah previously, it is written in black and white that the money was offered to her. According to the laws in Australia, once you transfer your money to someone else, you can’t ask for it back. Well, everyone might think that it’s a huge amount, but why was Shaun willing to give it to Sarah? It shows that he, too, felt that he owed Sarah then.”

After Stevens finished speaking, the jury looked at Shaun contemptuously. Furthermore, the judge tonight was a female, and she hated sc*mmy men the most.

Shaun rose to his feet. “Laws are rigid, but humans are flexible. When I got into a relationship with the defendant at a young age, I thought she was a kind girl. Since we got together, Sarah has received gifts worth 6.230 billion dollars from me. Here are the receipts from when I was 18 until several months ago when we broke up. This is not including the 1oo billion dollars I gave her.”

Sarah’s expression changed.

She probably did not expect Shaun to print out all the receipts from more than ten years ago.

Stevens mocked, “Attorney Hill, what a penny pincher you are. I’m afraid you’re the only man in this world who would be so calculative.”

Shaun laughed. “Hardly anyone in the world would spend as much on their girlfriends as me. On the other hand, Neeson Corporation is managed by Sarah’s brother, Thomas. In order to help Thomas out, I’ve secretly invested 8 billion dollars in the company in the last few years to support it. Besides, I’ve disputed a few lawsuits for Thomas. The fees for my service is a few hundred million dollars per lawsuit, but I have yet to receive the remuneration.”

After pausing for a moment, Shaun shifted his eyes to the female judge. “Here are the receipts containing all the fund transactions. Also, when Miss Neeson was with me, she was engaged in an adulterous relationship with a d**g addict. The police’s earlier investigative records regarding this incident are all here.”