Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1216

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1216 – “Don’t worry. We’ll reinvestigate the incident from scratch.”

Upon hearing Shaun’s words, Officer Wise nodded seriously. If the driver had the intention of k*****g the kids, he would not allow such a devil to exist.

Ever since Catherine walked out of the police station, there was a sullen look on her face. Afraid that she would lose her temper, Shaun explained to her, “Sorry, Cathy. I can’t show the police the warning message Chance sent to me as it could raise the alarm. With the Campos family’s current

wealth and power, we won’t be able to defeat them if we don’t have enough evidence. We can’t expose Chance, or Liam’s d***h would be in vain.”

“I understand. I’m not as stupid as you think.” Catherine could not help but say impatiently, “I don’t think the police will find out anything even if they continue to investigate it.”

Shaun raised his brows. “Not necessarily. Even if the police can’t hunt down the mastermind, it can trigger conflict within the Campos family. Think about it. Wesley made the k****r under the Campos family work for him. If the police continue to investigate the incident, it’ll set the alarm bells ringing in Mason’s head. Knowing that someone is secretly causing him trouble, do you think Mason can stay cool?”

Catherine was startled. She then shot a look at him. “You’re not so dumb, after all.”

Shaun’s handsome face darkened in spite of himself. He could tell that Catherine was mocking him for being deceived by Sarah back then, so he did not mind her saying it. However, if it were someone else who said it, he would have k****d that person. “Cathy, I’m no longer the same as I was before…”

“I heard Sarah got Stevens to represent her in the lawsuit. And the trial is tomorrow, right?” Catherine changed the topic out of the blue.

“Cathy, you’re quite concerned about my affairs, huh?” A flirtatious smile crossed Shaun’s face.

Catherine smiled discreetly and said, “Well, it’s because you didn’t give me a penny when we divorced. But when you broke up with Sarah, you

gave her 100 billion dollars.” Shaun was at a loss for words.

He finally knew how it felt to shoot himself in the foot.

“Cathy, it was my fault. Once I win the lawsuit, I’ll offer 1oo billion dollars and myself to you. If you still can’t get over it, I’ll sink to my knees every day.” Shaun clenched his fists and coughed softly before he swore, “If you’re still angry, I can kneel for you now.”


Speechless, Catherine watched the people walking in and out of the police station. If he kneeled here, he would definitely make headlines tomorrow.

“Shaun, what happened to your high and mighty image back then?”

“Because of you, I’ve shed it.” Shaun stared at her intently. “I don’t mind losing my dignity and honor for your sake.”

Catherine rubbed her brows. His interruption had made her forget what she was about to say.

She turned around and headed to the car. With that, Shaun immediately ran over and opened the passenger door for her.


Wesley’s car suddenly stopped in front of them. Dressed in a black suit, Wesley got out of his car. His eyes were gentle. “I knew you’d come to the police station. Have you settled it?”

Shaun’s handsome face sank and made no pretense of giving him the cold shoulder. As he was about to speak, he heard Catherine say apologetically, “Yes. I’m sorry. I forgot to contact you because I was preoccupied with Lucas and Suzie just now…”

“It’s alright. I can understand it. What matters most is that the kids are fine. Since it has been settled, let’s go home. ” As Wesley was speaking, he stretched out his hand to hold Catherine’s hand.

Shaun clutched Wesley’s wrist and glared at him. “ She’s not going back. The kids got a fright, so I’ll take her to my place.”

Wesley looked coldly into Shaun’s eyes as well. “ Excuse me. She’s my wife. She should go home with me. My house is where she calls home.”

“Shaun, let go of Wesley. He’s right. His house is my home, and I should go back. Please help me calm the kids,” Catherine interrupted the two men.

Shocked, Shaun gazed at her with a disappointed and complicated look in his eyes. Her pretty face was calm and self-righteous.

What on earth was she trying to do? Was she aware of what she was saying?

He had just told her that Wesley could be the perpetrator who intended to hurt the kids.

She somewhat believed it too, yet she ended up taking Wesley’s side.