Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1214

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1214 – “I can divorce him if I want, but… not now.” Catherine gazed out of the window as soon as she finished speaking.

It would be fine with Shaun if she trusted Wesley, but what annoyed Shaun was that she refused to divorce Wesley despite suspecting him. She did not seem to care about her life at all. “Catherine Jones, why won’t you listen to me?”

“Why must I listen to you?” Catherine asked him nonchalantly. “All you have to do is look after the kids. You don’t have to bother about my affairs.”

“You’re the woman I love. Who’s going to care about you if I don’t?”

Shaun instantly stopped the car at the roadside. Then, he moved her body closer to his and caressed her snowy-white face straight away. He made no pretense of hiding the domineering concern in his eyes. “You just don’t know how hypocritical and terrifying Wesley is. Are you assuming he won’t harm you just because he loves you? You’re wrong. Since he could bring himself to k**l the kids, there’s nothing in the world that he’s afraid of doing.”

“Anyway… I can’t leave him at this point.” Catherine could not resist averting her eyes away from his handsome face that was inches away from hers.

At the sight of her obstinate expression, Shaun was so furious that his heart ached. “Catherine, if you don’t cherish your life and something happens to you, I’m going to marry a wicked woman. By then, don’t blame me if she abuses Suzie and Lucas.”


Catherine could not help glowering at him indignantly. Despite knowing that he was provoking her on purpose, she was still terrified by his words.

“Cathy, you can choose not to be with me, but I hope you’ll be safe and sound.”

Pressing his forehead against hers, Shaun said in a gentle tone as if he was begging her, “Forgive me for forcing you this way. I don’t wish the kids to lose their mom, and I can’t afford to lose you too.”

The man’s scent wafted past the tip of her nose.

With the windows shut tight, Catherine suddenly felt that the car was poorly ventilated. She could not resist extending her hands to push his shoulders away without looking at his long and black lashes.

“Cathy, are you listening to me?” Shaun tightened his grasp on her head without letting her go. “ I’m serious.”

“Shaun…” His scent made Catherine’s face flush. “Do you need to talk to me at such a close distance?”


Shaun fixed his eyes on her lashes that fluttered like a feather. His throat moved before he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

“Shaun, I’m currently not in the mood…”

Catherine immediately pushed him away. The sight of the man’s burning eyes left her completely speechless. “Suzie and Lucas almost died, yet you’re aroused.”

“I’m not aroused. I just feel like kissing the woman I love.”

Shaun laughed in a self-righteous manner. “You’re not in the mood for it now, but when you feel like doing it, just let me know. I’m at your beck and call.”

“Can you behave yourself? If you’re involved with me, Suzie and Lucas wouldn’t have encountered that kind of incident,” Catherine said in annoyance.

“You’re wrong. If I weren’t involved with you, you might’ve been leading a peaceful married life with Wesley and gotten cheated on even more. ” Shaun added firmly, “Such a hypocritical man might not truly be as in love with you as he said.”

Catherine was at a loss for words. Shaun seemed to have a brilliant mind, but he was an i***t back then, was he not?

“Unlike me.” Shaun gave an evil smile all of a sudden. “When I love someone, I show my love. When I’m bad, I behave badly. I’ll never hide nor pretend.”

“So, should I reward you?” Catherine snorted. “ After all, everyone in Australia knows that you’re a n utter sc*mbag.”

“…Ahem. Let’s go to the police station.” Shaun clenched his fist and coughed embarrassedly. After that, he started the car to divert her attention.

Catherine had a lot of things to think through, so she did not bother arguing with him.

During the journey, all she thought about was Lucifer’s d***h.