Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1212

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1212 – Upon reading the message, Catherine felt as if her head had exploded.

Her children were so young, yet they were already being targeted.

They were lucky today, but what about tomorrow?

Catherine was so furious that she shifted her eyes to Shaun. “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have let the kids be with you. Shaun, you truly are a plague and troublemaker. You’re forever my nemesis. Not only have you hurt me, but you’re also planning to hurt the kids now. Why am I so unlucky to have met you?”

Her words were like an awl that pierced through Shaun’s heart.

His heart clenched in pain. He said reluctantly, “ The Campos family is not the one who wants to hurt Suzie and Lucas.”

Catherine scoffed. “You just said that Chance has been spying on the Campos family. If it wasn’t the Campos family’s doing, how would he have known the truth?”

“Chance said that Mason has a mysterious follower who has been assisting him with a lot of shady dealings. That man has a bunch of murderers from Neah Bay under him…”

The term ‘Neah Bay’ startled Catherine.

As far as she recalled, Logan once mentioned that Lucifer, who had an affair with Sarah, was k****d by a m******r from Neah Bay. At that point, Catherine suspected that there was an unknown force behind Sarah. Logan even personally headed to Neah Bay to investigate the matter later on, but he could not find out who the mastermind was.

“Cathy, even though Charlie dislikes me, the most he would do is to leave me high and dry.”

Shaun continued to explain seriously, “In fact, the Hill family has been the oppressed party in this Hill -Campos rivalry. The data regarding Hill Corporation’s microchip was stolen, the Campos family made Willie a fool, Mason abandoned my mom, and the Campos family even k****d Liam…”

“What? The Campos family k****d Liam?” Catherine was hit by another piece of staggering news. “Isn’t he Mason’s son?”

“He’s not.” Shaun said while hiding his pain, “We only figured out recently that he’s actually my biological brother. That night, my mom was so drunk that she mistook the man whom she slept with for Mason. Mason, who knew it earlier, took advantage of my mom’s pregnancy to marry into the Hill family. Later, I found out that it was Yael who betrayed Liona. The Campos family was the one that had Liam thrown over the cliff and into the sea.”

Catherine froze.

Considering Liam had been missing for a long time yet his body had not been found meant that he could still be alive. Hence, she never thought that Liam’s body would have been thrown into the sea. More surprisingly, it was the doing of the man whom Liam had called Dad for over 20 years.

Were Mason and those people considered humans?

At the thought that Liam was gone just like that, Catherine’s eyes began to hurt in spite of herself.

She had always treated Liam as her good friend.

It seemed like the people around her were slowly disappearing ever since she came back.

As for those who were still around, they filled her with dread.

Amid his pain, Shaun came back to his senses and said, “To the Campos family, I’m always under their control. Now that they’re high up, they won’t be bothered about oppressing me all the time. I believe it’s unlikely for them to harm young kids like Suzie at this time. Actually, Chance received this piece of news because he heard a m******r from Neah Bay casually mentioning it. The Campos family doesn’t seem to know anything about it.”

“Do you mean Mason’s mysterious follower was the sole mastermind behind this? And the Campos family didn’t give the order?” Catherine soon grasped his message.

Shaun nodded and stared at her with a complicated gaze. “I suspect that mysterious follower is…

Wesley Lyons.”

Catherine’s eyes trembled.

If this had happened earlier, she would think that Shaun was willfully accusing Wesley.

With Ethan’s passing, however, she was uncertain.