Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1201

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1201 – “Yes. ” Lea nodded blankly. “That year, I had just divorced your father and didn’t want to remarry so quickly. I fought with your father that day and drank some wine. I ended up with Mason.”

Shaun raised his brows at her lost expression. As a son, the only thing he could do was sigh helplessly. “ Is there a possibility that the person might have been my dad?”

Lea was so shocked by his words that she stammered, “That’s… That’s impossible.”

“I’m just saying. You don’t have to think too much into it. I have something to do, so I’m going out. I’ll leave Suzie and Lucas to you tonight.”

Shaun spoke and left the dumbfounded Lea behind.

He quickly drove to the villa that Brennan recently bought in the capital. Although Hill Manor was Brennan’s now, it was too high profile. Brennan was not living there for the time being.

“It’s so late, why did you suddenly come over?” Brennan was dressed in a robe and had just about gotten ready to sleep when he heard that Shaun was coming. Hence, he came downstairs again.

“I read the news today. Garson Corporation and Campos Corporation intend to cooperate,” Shaun said gravely.


Brennan nodded. “But I didn’t show up. I let the company’s GM contact Charlie Campos. Although the Campos family is the top family in the country, their brand isn’t very good. The microchip was licensed to them by Landell, but the fact is they only earn a margin in profit. The Campos family has no tech in this field and logistics is monopolized by Yule Corporation, which is why they really want to introduce Garson’s technology so they can develop products. We’ve reached a preliminary agreement where the Campos family will invest 3oo billion to establish an industrial park for this project.”

Shaun quickly understood, and his eyes lit up. “But you already signed that technology to me long ago, so Hill Corporation got invested first. When our product is released before Campos Corporation’s, the Campos family’s 300 billion will have been squandered on a bad investment.”

“Yes, this is a trap I dug for the Campos family. ” Brennan smiled. “But if you do that, Garson will be violating the contract. The Campos family can sue Garson Corporation for fraud,” Shaun said with difficulty.

“That’s why the contract you signed was never with Garson Corporation in the first place but with another company. Although it’s not under my name, it’s controlled by me. That company licensed you the top technology, while Garson licensed Campos Corporation the secondary technology.”

Shaun was struck by a realization and admired his father’s far planning. “Then I’ll seize the opportunity to develop it first and give the Campos family a surprise.”

“This matter can’t be leaked out, so you should keep a low profile for now. It’s fine if you pretend to be in dire straits and get bullied by others. It’s important for people to learn how to hold back.” Brennan suddenly said faintly, “Even if you want to teach Wesley a lesson, you have to endure it first.”

Shaun’s handsome face reddened. He did not expect Brennan to know that he wanted to get someone to teach Wesley a lesson. “Dad…”

Brennan said meaningfully, “Shaun, it’s not the time to expose yourself now. The more they look down on you, the more they’ll underestimate you. This is when you secretly take advantage of the situation to rise up. An oppressed person will not arouse suspicion.”