Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1195

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1195 – Maybe Shaun would also suddenly disappear like that one day…

She clenched the steering wheel involuntarily.

When Shaun saw her car disappear and was about to get into his own car, he received a text message from Catherine: [Shaun, promise me you won’t go to Wesley, or I’ll never talk to you again for the rest of my life.]

Shaun’s thin lips curled faintly.

‘Cathy, your heart is clearly still concerned about me.

‘Even if you keep saying you don’t love me, my position in your heart is still different.’

He lowered his head and replied: [Okay, I won’t go to him, so talk to me forever, okay?]

After the message was sent, there was no response. However, he was not disappointed.

He already knew that she would not respond.

As for Wesley hitting her… He had agreed to Catherine’s request, but if he did not teach Wesley a lesson, his name was not Shaun Hill.

Wesley liked maintaining his gentlemanly and elegant image, so Shaun would let him make a fool of himself.

When Catherine went back to the Yule villa, she still picked up the bottle of ointment at the door.

After she applied a little of it, her face was not as swollen the next day.

When she sent the children to kindergarten the next day, she asked seriously, “Were you two eavesdropping outside when I was talking with your grandfather in the room last night?”

“W-What are you… talking about?” Suzie’s eyes flickered as she looked outside. Even though she usually loved to lie, she still felt nervous when facing Mommy’s fiery eyes.

Lucas also looked outside the window at a loss.

“Lucas, you’re the most honest. Answer Mommy’s question.” Catherine pretended to say coldly.

“I’m sorry, Mommy.” Lucas looked down guiltily. “ I didn’t mean to. We just wanted to know who hit you.”

“So you immediately tipped off Shaun?” Catherine remembered the things she said yesterday and suddenly became nervous. “What else did you say to him? Don’t tell me you told him everything.”

“No, absolutely not.” Suzie shook her head frantically. “We definitely didn’t tell him that you don’t love Uncle Wesley and only married him out o f gratitude.”

Catherine felt awkward. The children really heard everything. “You must never ever let Shaun hear those words.”

If that scumbag Shaun heard it, he would pester her endlessly.

“Yes, we know.” The two children nodded.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, Suzie suddenly asked a question as they got out of the car. “ Mommy, you don’t love Uncle Wesley. Is it because you still like our scummy dad?”

Catherine was exasperated. “Of course not. I stopped liking him long ago.”

“Oh, if you don’t like him, I’ll try my best to destroy his love life and make him live as a bachelor for life. ” After Suzie finished speaking, she went into the kindergarten with Lucas, hand in hand.

Catherine rubbed her forehead speechlessly.

After sending the children, she went straight to the company.

Just after entering the office, she found that Wesley had been waiting there for a long time. He held flowers in his hand. After seeing her, he immediately handed over the flowers and opened a gift box, revealing the limited edition diamond necklace inside. “Cathy, please don’t be angry anymore. It was my fault that day. I shouldn’t have raised my hand against you. I was wrong. After you left, I regretted it so much that I felt sick. I’ve never lost control like that before.”