Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1180

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1180 – Catherine took pleasure in his misfortune. She mocked, “I never thought that there would be a day when Young Master Hill would be forced by a woman. It looks like you’re quite miserable these days. Why don’t… you just promise yourself to her? Hannah has a reputable status. When her dad becomes the deputy— ”

Before she could finish her sentence, Shaun blocked her mouth again. Her butt was spanked hard by him too.

Catherine’s face flushed red from embarrassment. Her gaze looked as if she wanted to gobble him up. “ Shaun, how dare you hit me?”

“Cathy, some words can’t be said even as a joke. The one I love is only you. I don’t even care if Hannah makes me lose all my wealth.”

Shaun buried his head beside her ear. He confessed to her in a low, hoarse voice, “We’ve experienced too many things between us. I understand now that power and money are just fleeting things. You’re the only one who’s worth treasuring.”

Catherine’s whole body tingled from his hoarse voice and hot breath. She could not help but say frustratedly, “Unfortunately, you realized it too late. You’ve already lost me.”

“It’s not late.” Shaun rubbed her with his head. “If you really don’t care about me at all, you wouldn’t have come in just now. With me in this state, you’re obviously walking right into a trap.”

Catherine pushed him embarrassedly. “I was pushed in here by Ryan.”

“ I don’t care. You’re my cure now. ” Shaun raised his head in agony.

Catherine saw his handsome face flushing red. He looked so uncomfortable that he was about to explode. She suddenly started becoming flustered.

“Cathy, don’t go. If you leave, I’ll d*e.” As Shaun spoke, he grabbed her hand and put it on his body.

Catherine was dumbfounded. Shaun had been set up by Hannah, but that part of his was not reacting a t all.

She suddenly pitied him a lot.

Shaun smiled bitterly as he gazed at her. “Cathy, I feel so uncomfortable but I don’t know what I should do.”

Catherine panicked as well. It was her first time experiencing such a problem. However, she knew that if this went on, something would surely happen to Shaun. “Why not… Let’s go to the hospital.”

“No, Cathy. I’m a man. I want my pride too. If you send me out in this state, tell me… How can I still lift my head high in the future?” Shaun smiled bitterly. “I’d rather just d*e.”

Catherine was shocked.

She did not expect there would come a day when Shaun would say lines that only women would say.

However, she could understand him. Although he was in dire straits now, he still had his pride.

“Cathy, I feel so hot. It’s agonizing.” Shaun mentally broke down and hugged Catherine. There was clearly a woman in his arms, but he still could not relieve the effects of the d**g.

“Shaun, calm down. I’ll think of a way. ” Catherine was also telling this to herself to stay calm.

She slowly stretched her hand and cupped his handsome face. She went on tiptoes and got closer to his lips…

Outside the bathroom.

Although the volume of the television was already very loud, Freya and Rodney could still hear Shaun’s sensual voice.

They made eye contact with each other. Both of them were blushing.

Freya could not tolerate it anymore. When she took the remote again and wanted to turn up the volume, Ryan stopped her. “Don’t turn it up too high. It’ll arouse suspicions.”

“But…” Freya was embarrassed.

“I’ll go out first, ” Ryan said, “If someone asks, I’ll say that you’re resting upstairs.”