Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1165

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1165 – “The police said that he was stuck in the car after the c***h, so he couldn’t escape.”

Wesley sighed. “The d**d can’t come back to life. Don’t think too much. We still have to move on with our lives. I heard that my sister took a knife to the office to look for you on the day Ethan died.

Later, Shaun came— ”

“Mm, yes. I didn’t know he would come either, ” Catherine explained.

“Don’t worry, I’m not that petty. I heard that if Shaun hadn’t pushed you away, you might’ve been stabbed. Considering that both of you are my family, such an issue really pains me.”

Wesley walked to Catherine and held her hands with an affectionate gaze.

If this had happened back then, Catherine would feel guilty. However, she was filled with coldness today.

Was this his true self? Could there be a strange side to him behind this affectionate side?

“It’s all in the past. You must be tired too. Go and rest early.” Catherine turned around and walked up the stairs.

Wesley suddenly called out to her, “By the way, are you available the day after tomorrow? Senator Mead’s daughter is having a birthday party. Mrs. Mead would like me to bring you over. Considering the Mead family’s unique status and the fact you’re my wife, I was too embarrassed to reject her.”

“Okay. I’ll go with you.” Catherine nodded.

Perhaps she could better understand Wesley’s character on such an occasion.

The next day.

She received a call from Suzie. “Mommy, do you still remember that you have two cute darling kids?”

“Sorry, Suzie. I have a lot of things to handle recently.” Catherine felt extremely guilty for neglecting her two kids during this period because of Ethan’s matter.

Well, she only dared behave this way because Shaun was looking after them.

Suzie sighed. “I’m kidding. I heard my scummy dad say you lost a childhood friend recently, so you’re unhappy. I won’t blame you.”

“Thank you for being so understanding, my darling, ” Catherine responded with a smile.

“But you have to come and pick us up to eat and swim with us,” Suzie said.

“Yeah. Lucas and I want to go swimming, but my scummy dad said that you have to come with us. It can be dangerous for him to take the two of us out to swim. He’s afraid he can’t handle us alone.”

Catherine admitted that Shaun was right. However, she felt rather embarrassed at the thought of having to wear a swimsuit and swim with Shaun.

“Well… Eating with you isn’t an issue. As for swimming, I’ll think about it…”

“I don’t care. I want to swim. If you don’t promise me, I’ll cry in front of you. Hmph.” Suzie began to threaten Catherine angrily.

Catherine’s head hurt badly. She would have to talk about it when she met Suzie later.

When Catherine was about to pick Suzie up at four- ish in the afternoon, Shaun gave her a call. He told her that he would pick Suzie up and asked her to head to the restaurant for dinner straight away.

Catherine readily agreed as it was much more convenient for her not to pick Suzie up.

When she came to reflect on this, there were quite a lot of pros to letting her children acknowledge their father.

The restaurant that Shaun had chosen had a spacious courtyard with a peaceful environment.

By the time Catherine arrived there, the two children were playing with remote-controlled racing cars in the courtyard. On the other hand, Shaun was seated on the chair beside some pots of red blooms. The man was wearing an orange shirt and a pair of gray pants. The bright color simply made him look so exquisite that the flowers around him paled in comparison.