Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1157

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1157 – “Get out. Who told you to seduce me?” Wesley pushed Regina away fiercely.
Regina saw his ferocious expression and fled in fear with tears in her eyes.

Ethan was stunned and his brain rumbled. When the door closed, he suddenly snapped out of it and a surge of anger rose. He stormed up to Wesley and punched him. “You b*stard.”

Wesley did not dodge it. After he was beaten, he wiped his mouth and sneered. “Yes, I’m a b*stard.”

Ethan was furious. “Uncle, how could you do this to Cathy? You’ve just gotten married. Is this all how much your deep affection amount to? You’re disgusting.”

Ethan loved Catherine. Although it was impossible for him to be with her anymore, he still wished that she could live a happy life. He also believed that Wesley would be able to give it to her, but he never expected Wesley to s********h his secretary.

He grieved deeply for Catherine.

She was such a good person. Why did she meet all the scumbags time and time again?

“Do you think I wanted this?” Wesley ripped off his crooked tie and roared at him. “She doesn’t love me at all. Since we got married, she won’t even let me touch her. Look at my head.”

He pointed at his bruised forehead. “She smashed a lamp on me because I wanted to touch her.”

Ethan gaped slightly in shock.

After a long pause, he said, “Even so, you can’t mess around with a woman from the office. You even did it so early in the morning…”

He could not go on because that scene made him sick. If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not believe that the uncle he had always respected would do such a thing.

“Ethan, I’m a man. I have needs.”

Wesley looked at him painfully. “For her, I’ve waited for years. If I wait any longer, I’d become a monk. As long as she’s willing to let me touch her, I’d never do anything that would let her down.”

“Ethan, you can’t put the blame on me entirely. Previously, weren’t you easily taken to bed by Rebecca Jones? You should know that feeling.”

Ethan’s handsome face was full of pain.

Yes, he knew. That was why he lost Catherine forever.

“Not to mention…” Wesley suddenly smiled bitterly. “Her heart has never let go of Shaun Hill. Did you know? On our wedding night, Shaun sent m e a photo of him sleeping with Cathy. I’ve never suffered such a big blow before. My wife slept with another man on our wedding night.”

Ethan’s lips trembled. “Uncle, it wasn’t Cathy’s wish to be taken away by Shaun that day. If you can’t accept it, then divorce her. Why are you cheating on her while staying in the marriage and hurting her? She has already suffered too much in her life.”

“I love her, Ethan. I love her so much that without her, my life will lose its color. There’ll be no meaning to continue living.”

Wesley looked at him imploringly. “Don’t tell Cathy this, okay? I’ll let Regina leave. I won’t be involved with her again.”

Ethan was at a loss.

“Ethan, Cathy already had one failed marriage. If you tell her about me, it’ll be the second blow. I’m begging you. As long as you don’t say anything, I can give you half the company, ” said Wesley as he bowed his pride.

“Uncle, I don’t need you to give me the company. In the past, I gave up my feelings for Cathy because of money and power. That was the deepest regret in my life. I only want her to be happy.”

Ethan stepped back as he spoke. “I… won’t tell her about what happened today, but if you don’t stop fooling around with other women behind her back, I’ll definitely tell her.”

He then turned and left.

When the door closed, the sorrowful expression on Wesley’s face was replaced by a chilling cold. He took out his phone and dialed a number. “Pay attention to Ethan Lowe’s movements. If… If he goes to Catherine… make him disappear.”

After hanging up, he sighed softly.

“Ethan, oh, Ethan. Why did you have to find out about something you shouldn’t have?”

“I still need to preserve my image. Now is not the time to expose it.”

“I hope you don’t ask for your own d***h.”