Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1131

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1131 – Catherine touched her forehead. “You have hands and legs. Can’t you put it on yourself? You’re doing this on purpose, right?”

“No. Can’t you see how swollen my hand is?” Shaun shook his right arm, which was swollen like a carrot, in front of her. “My arm can’t bend.”

Catherine sneered as she looked at his arm. “You’ve really troubled yourself, coming to my place and causing trouble despite your injury.”

“If you don’t give me a hand, I’ll have no choice but to leave dressed like this later.” Shaun sighed.

Catherine glanced at his exposed body and felt her head ache. If he went out in that state, news about her and Shaun would be on the trending searches again tomorrow.

In the end, she had no choice but to walk toward the bedroom. “Come in first.”

After Shaun followed her in, he locked the door.

Catherine looked at the closed door, then saw him removing the bathrobe. She heard a boom in her head once again. “Shaun…”

“If I didn’t close the door, you’d tell me off again if someone saw us and misunderstood,” Shaun explained. However, his smirk was very annoying. “ By the way, please help me put on my pants too.

Thank you.”

“…I’m not doing it.”

Catherine was so angry that she could not focus her eyes. “If you dare, you can just go out in this state. ”

“Fine. I’ll go.” Shaun turned around as he spoke. He put his hand on the doorknob and opened the door.

Seeing as the door was about to open, Catherine rushed over frantically and shut the door tightly. She even locked the door.

Shaun smiled happily as he watched her. “Sorry to trouble you, Cathy.”

“Shaun, do you feel no shame?” Catherine could not understand that man’s brain structure.

“Cathy, I do feel shame, but my arm really hurts.” Shaun blinked innocently.

In the end, Catherine accepted her fate. She had dressed him before anyway. She lowered her head and forced herself to help him put on his clothes.

Her actions were not gentle, but the corners of Shaun’s mouth still lifted into a warm smile.

It was especially when he saw her pretty face blushing with charm.

She was once his wife. Why did he not treasure her? Why did he let her go?

By the time Catherine stood up to help him put on his shirt, Shaun could not resist hugging her.

When Catherine realized what was happening, she flew into a fury. “Shaun, didn’t you say your arm hurts a lot?”

“It does hurt a lot. Can’t you see that my face has paled because of the pain?”

Shaun replied in a hoarse voice. In order to hug her, the wounded muscles in his right arm hurt so badly. It felt as if they were being ripped apart.

Catherine was stunned when she noticed his pale, handsome face.

During that short moment, Shaun kissed her. That b*stard…

She knew he would not stay still.

Catherine extended her hand to push him. However, his shirt was not worn properly yet, so her hand touched his hot skin.

She withdrew her hand instinctively due to the heat.

Shaun took the opportunity and pushed her onto the bed behind her.

Catherine’s eyes reddened from glaring at him. “ Shaun, is this the love you meant? All you know is to bully me. If you really love me, treat me with

more respect, and don’t… make me feel guilty toward my husband again and again. You do this every single time. It was the same on the island as well.”