Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1130

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1130 – Shaun revealed his rows of white teeth to her, smiled, and started taking off his belt. “ I want to take a bath.”

Catherine was dumbfounded. Then, she witnessed his slacks falling to the ground.

Although he was wearing something underneath, Catherine’s rosy cheeks turned a darker shade of red after only a glance.

“Why are you so shy? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.” Shaun raised his eyebrows playfully.

“No. I just haven’t seen an impotent man,” Catherine roasted him.

It was a blow to his pride, but Shaun was numb from being attacked so many times. “So what if I’m impotent? I have countless ways to give you pleasure.”

“…P*****t.” Catherine could not resist glaring at him and yelled, “Put your clothes on and get lost. Who allowed you to take a bath at my place?”

“I didn’t bathe last night, and my body feels uncomfortable.”

When Shaun bent over and was about to remove the last piece of clothing, Catherine could not stand it anymore. She slammed the door and went out.

She sat on the leather chair.

After sulking for some time, General Manager Wolfe and Manager Larson of the public relations department came up to discuss a land project in Canberra with her.

When Catherine thought about the man in her lounge, she was not in the mood to discuss work with them. Hence, she wanted to send them away after a word or two.

However, it seemed like General Manager Wolfe and Manager Larson would not leave without finishing the discussion.

10 minutes later, the lounge’s door opened all of a sudden.

“Cathy, can you help me to put on my clothes?”

Shaun stepped out barefooted in her pink bathrobe. His hair was wet and not blown dry, so the water droplets from the ends of his hair dripped onto the well-built muscles of his chest. The overwhelming masculine presence made both the male managers stunned.

10 thousand “F*ck yous” flashed across Catherine’s mind. Her face was flushed, and she wanted so badly to dig a hole and bury herself in the ground. “ Ahem, don’t misunderstand. He…”

“I know. I understand,” General Manager Wolfe said hurriedly, “chairwoman Jones, don’t worry. We won’t say a word about today’s matter. It’ll never reach President Lyons’ ears.”

“Yes, yes. ” Manager Larson nodded vigorously. “ Actually, it’s quite normal too. I’ve seen this many times. With your identity, it’s normal to have another male companion.”

General Manager Wolfe said, “That’s right. Which man doesn’t have other women outside nowadays? Although you’re a woman, it’s all the same. Men and women have equal rights.”

“We won’t be disturbing you anymore. We’ll leave first. You can continue.”

Seeing them both leaving so quickly made Catherine speechless.

What were her subordinates blabbering about? What did they mean by “it’s normal to have another male companion”? They have lost their morality just to flatter her.

“Your employees… are quite knowledgeable.” Shaun chuckled as he walked to her side. The fragrance of the body wash in her bathroom was wafting off him.

It was a body wash catered for women, but it was not weird at all when the scent was on his body. On the contrary… it smelled quite intimate.

Catherine was shorter than Shaun, so her gaze was in line with his s**y Adam’s apple. Moving downward was his broad, firm chest. After the water droplets rolled down his chest, they sneaked into her pink bathrobe like a nimble fish.

Catherine’s face heated up. It was unknown whether it was due to embarrassment or anger, but her pretty face was completely flushed. “Shaun, who let you use my bathrobe? And why did you come out…”

“Didn’t you hear me? I asked you to help me put on my clothes,” Shaun said innocently. “As for the bathrobe, you didn’t give me other bathrobes. Why do you have to be such a stranger? It’s not like I’ve never used yours in the past.”

The past was the past. Could it be counted as the same thing?