Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1125

Read Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1125 – Shaun choked for a few seconds before he came to and thought on his feet. “Paying you back isn’t enough to express my gratitude to you. I know a great restaurant around. I was wondering if you are free this afternoon…”

“Thank you, but I’m not.” Catherine rejected him categorically.

“When will you be free then? You can set a time. I’ll go with your schedule, ” Shaun said right away.

Exasperated, Catherine answered, “I’ll never be available to you.”

“Coincidentally, I’ll always be available to you…”

She hung up before Shaun could finish his sentence.

Shaun looked at the phone and laughed. In less than a minute, he received the QR code from Catherine on Hadley’s phone.

He scanned the code using his phone and transferred 52 thousand dollars to her.

In the office.

When Catherine saw the money, she had no thought of returning it to him.

So what if he gave her extra money? He had hurt her badly, yet he did not pay her a penny when he divorced her. Therefore, she would not even bat an eye if he gave her 500 million dollars, much less 50,000 dollars.

At 11:00 a.m., Freya called Catherine. “I went to the Snow family’s house this morning. Regarding the elevator incident yesterday, Uncle Nathan said that someone intentionally destroyed the cable. Based on the Mead family’s investigation, the evidence points to Chelsea.”

“Chelsea?” Catherine was surprised. “I saw the Campos family egging her on last night, so she’s obviously brainless. How could she do that?”

“Yeah. Uncle Nathan said it might have to do with the Campos family, but they’ve shifted the blame to Chelsea. What’s more, everyone saw Chelsea coming into conflict with Shaun last night. The police have arrested her for interrogation.”

Catherine replied, “Tsk. It looks like the Campos family has made Chelsea a scapegoat. Having said that, is Senator Mead not bothered about the matter?”

“From what Uncle Nathan said, it seems that the Mead family isn’t planning to look into it.”

Only then did it click in Catherine. “ It looks like the Campos family has given them some benefits this time.”

“Most probably. By the way, Senator Mead also asked Uncle Nathan about Shaun…”

Catherine’s heart did a flip. She had already noticed Hannah’s unusual gaze on Shaun last night.

“Hehe. Cathy, do you think Shaun will become Senator Mead’s son-in-law?” Freya added curiously, “If he became the future deputy prime minister’s son-in-law, it should be easy for a person of his caliber to make a comeback.”

“I don’t know. It has nothing to do with me.” Catherine ended the call indifferently.

In her opinion, any man in this dire situation would definitely choose to marry Hannah if given the chance.

However, now that the Mead family took a liking to him, why did he transfer 52 thousand dollars to her? At the thought of it, she felt like slapping him to d***h.

She directly called Harvey in and ordered, “Be alert these few days. Don’t ever let Shaun come in.”

Harvey was momentarily stunned, but he then quickly nodded.

In order to fulfill the task Catherine assigned to him, Harvey purposely informed the receptionist and security guard about it.

At 12:00 p.m., Shaun really did show up with a bouquet of roses and a lunchbox.

It was break time, so a lot of employees were going out to buy things. Although Shaun was stopped by the security guard, he still stood at the door shamelessly and insisted on meeting Catherine.

“I must see her. She saved me last night, and I just want to express my gratitude to her.”

The receptionist was speechless. “ I’ve never seen people thanking their saviors this way.”

“Well, I have to. If she hadn’t saved me at the last moment, I would’ve died…” At the sight of the employees’ confused gazes, Shaun’s thin lips curled upward. “Are you guys wondering how President Jones saved me last night?”

Those employees subconsciously nodded. After all, curiosity was an innate quality. Besides, they were eager to find out how President Jones, who was already married, rescued her ex-husband.